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  1. Fifa 16 and Destiny on PS4 My PSN ID is Feneroin also if someone add me as friend
  2. They will have a choice. In the link And sorry all, i haven't received notification...
  3. Thanks to @Ehren for his awesome theme! My IPS 4 forum: DeliDahi.com
  4. http://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/ I'm a customer since more then 5 years! Now i'm on IPS v4 and i will purchase a new theme soon
  5. - Edit topic title is missing also here:
  6. In addition to many fixes from both tickets and the bug tracker, some specifics include: Fix for update checker not workingSearch index efficiency improvementsGuest caching feature can now be used with MySQL (previously required a caching engine like memcached)Fix for common problems with queue task lockingEstimated Release of 4.0.7: June 2
  7. That was a forum temporary
  8. nice theme
  9. ​Your theme is very nice. I like the colours!
  10. Accepted thanks
  11. http://www.delidahi.com
  12. Sony ​release v2.50 for PlayStation 4 tomorrow and the friends-find friend/players system is enhanced of course There is many others features with this release...
  13. PlayStation4 with FIFA 15 and other multiplayer online games. My nick is again Feneroin on PSN. If someone want add me
  14. ​My server is cheapiest and my version of IPB is V4 beta5 It work without any problem