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  1. Fifa 16 and Destiny on PS4 My PSN ID is Feneroin also if someone add me as friend
  2. They will have a choice. In the link And sorry all, i haven't received notification...
  3. Thanks to @Ehren for his awesome theme! My IPS 4 forum: DeliDahi.com
  4. http://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/ I'm a customer since more then 5 years! Now i'm on IPS v4 and i will purchase a new theme soon
  5. - Edit topic title is missing also here:
  6. Ehren(IPS Focus) is best designer for IPS !
  7. In addition to many fixes from both tickets and the bug tracker, some specifics include: Fix for update checker not workingSearch index efficiency improvementsGuest caching feature can now be used with MySQL (previously required a caching engine like memcached)Fix for common problems with queue task lockingEstimated Release of 4.0.7: June 2
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  8. That was a forum temporary
  9. nice theme
  10. ​Your theme is very nice. I like the colours!
  11. Accepted thanks
  12. http://www.delidahi.com
  13. Sony ​release v2.50 for PlayStation 4 tomorrow and the friends-find friend/players system is enhanced of course There is many others features with this release...