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  1. Great look. I think that blue needs to get changed too, Anybody agree?
  2. product updates, technical support, and services? okay what about the original product?, i have an inactive license and i cannot download anything, i think it's not fair to take everything from who hasn't renewed his license like that, i have all rights to download the version i was purchased.
  3. Awesome.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. [quote name='Rikki' timestamp='1301587174'] [quote name='CycleChat' timestamp='1301516586']Looks good. Nice to see it all together.Just one thing - please put the Add Announcement button at the top of the page - having to scroll through 50+ announcements just to post a new one is counter-productive.Cheers,Shaun :D can you add , not change ? :)
  6. That's very good :)
  7. If you move that people who likes to new row just bellow report button i think it will be more pronounced.
  8. Great job guys :)
  9. Concern about what tomorrow may bring!

  10. Awesome :thumbsup:
  11. ok :D , and i know where conf_global.php is :P
  12. ok where is it exactly ? :D
  13. is there any chance to add out side links ? Good job dude :thumbsup: