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  1. It's insane what you've done with Invision at the age of 18 :P.
    Nice job.

  2. When will 5435345.0.3 be released!

  3. As long as you didn't open the xbox, your warranty lasts 3 years. If you opened it or modded it your xbox warranty goes void. If your warranty is actually out, you can search e74 permanent error fix on youtube and find quite a few movies showing you what to do.
  4. Sounds like something skin makers have been over looking. Almost every skin I've installed the numberlist doesn't work. If you end up figuring out how to fix it, i'd appreciate if you sent me a pm how to do it. I would like to use this feature on all my skins too :P
  5. Works for me on the plain IPB skin, but on like any other skin released I haven't seen it working. [*]test [*]test [*]test
  6. It would be easier to just start over and set up everything the way you want it. Pm the members the new URL, or post it on the old forums :P.
  7. I was having some wierd issue where it was making all my pictures real dark, but ended up fixing it.
  8. Can't wait! An amazing product thus far.
  9. Yea you can embed vimeo.com videos. and the friend system looks like this from a users controls you can pick if you want to auto approve or approve manually.