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    Does exactly what it says on the tin!
    Simple and effective. A great way to remind members of events, polls etc.
  1. May I ask ask what is? I appreciate there are always general software niggles that need ironing out to keep developers busy, I've experienced a couple myself recently and IPB were superb in getting me sorted, but the ability to have more control over poll settings seems to be a high priority for many forum owners. At least we now have the ability to close a poll, so thank you for that.
    Had to delete the app because it Interfered with my Recent Forum Images slider. Apart from that it worked just fine.
    Sorry, no pop-up for me either. Also, the Group Select keeps defaulting to Administrators only.
  2. Adding my voice. Please introduce the ability to close a poll, or at least an explanation as to why it can't be done.
    The recent update has improved the display issues. Good stuff!
  3. ​I can confirm that the emoji issue is in hand and will be applied to the next update
  4. ​That seemed to do it, thank you. I look forward to the emoji update
  5. TBH it's not really suited to my photography forum due to it stretching images rather than maintaining aspect ratio (I now notice how particular attention has been paid to image sizes in your demo), then there's the emoji issue, who wants to see a giant smiley in the slider... I don't want to give a negative review because it does do what it says, but the problems above make it useless for me I'm afraid, at the price I would have expected a little more. If I'm missing something then I'm happy to be corrected.
  6. Thank you. And the smiley issue?
  7. Hi, If the first image posted in a topic is a smiley the slider will display that instead of the image posted below it? Is there a way of maintaining aspect ratio instead of the images being distorted? Thanks in advance.
  8. The plugin is still working but it's stopped showing images since IPB v4 update a couple of days ago, all I get now are blank squares? Also, I'm not able to download the update without purchasing again.
  9. ​Thank you