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  1. hermm, they admit to using hobos to deal with security issues !! :ermm: I dont believe IPB has the clout and deceitfulness of GDubya to pull off a "oh experts told us" routine.
  2. gotta get out of that box mentality !!
  3. ipb should copy their tags system like yesterday :ph34r: :whistle:
  4. way too much hassle with members rating each other ! that one should be optional to remove one headache for moderators.
  5. well since i will have to hack some fat off the pig, i would like to do one major edit and go enjoy a holiday ;) If there is plan to roll out 3.0.1 for whatever reason in a week, the i can is there a definite plan? Its not as if IPB3 has had any major professional auditing for security flaws LOL
  6. yeah, thats the most logical place i woulda assume ;) unless you wanna add a social network addon :P
  7. Ratings is part of ipb, so why wont it come standard to field order by ratings?
  8. Did i hear right that 3.0.1 is coming out in a week?
  9. booohooo for precendents, i will put an read-only on my log file and they can read that !! Besides the boss will blame me ;) he wont be liable haha
  10. i think i would rather keep scrolling down rather than having to scroll across as well !!
  11. "Do or Do NOT. there is NO try" as some Jedi Master once opinioned. We admire that but how about TRY a little harder ;) Who said anything about the syntax highlighter? just need the line numbers and the tab and search
  12. jesus christ whats up with the hyperboles ?? is it a GDubya-itis?? You could walk across the streets and get hit by a bus, so why not lock yourself in your bedroom in your bubble? Its like idiots in the US selling guns and defending their rights to guns and still are alarmed at the death by shooting rates. Now a forum software is no lethal weapon, so ditch the holier than thou attitude, and unlike your little games forum, there are some serious discussion forums, that will need to hack up IPB silly little code. Who have better hackers than the script kiddies attacking games forums, by the way. And if they keep making idiotic decisions, we will ditch them too.
  13. nope they wanna name and shame everyone ;)