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  1. I don't personally use IP.Calendar, but in some other calendar applications I use in my daily life, this is something I've used quite a lot myself. So I support the idea
  2. I don't have an environment where I'm able to test that, but if the filter is not applied to new messages that appear as you continue scrolling (pagination), then that would be a bug. Report it in the bug tracker. Updated: I reported this for you
  3. Yes, I agree that this should be improved. I regularly find it confusing myself when browsing this community on mobile myself.
  4. You can filter by unread: This was added in version 4.1.13: https://invisionpower.com/release-notes/4113-r44/
  5. Yes, I realize that. But if they choose to add this idea to the core, then it wouldn't make sense in my opinion to apply such a class to the "limited" scope of ipsLayout_body, when this is a type of information it makes sense to have available in the global scope of the entire document that can be styled with CSS (meaning the body-element) You would then do things like body.loggedIn [[some other value here]] { in the CSS (instead of how you've done it) A class name like "cSignOut" signifies the meaning that it has something to do with an element that lets you sign out, while a class name like isLoggedIn / loggedIn, would better communicate that it represents a certain state that can be applied to the whole page. To clarify; I'm not opposed to the general idea of what you propose, I'm only detailing what I think would be a more sensible implementation of your suggestion.
  6. As far as I know Slack is not something that is intended for community chats with potentially thousands of registered users in the teams. I don't think Slack integration would be possible to achieve in the sort of environment that an open community is, where the idea is that anyone can join it. The Slack clients are also really all I need in my opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong however.
  7. I haven't looked at it, but I would be surprised if it's not possible to add by making a plugin for it. I would suggest you make a customization request. I don't see this as something that should be in the core software myself.
  8. That sounds like something you should report to the bug tracker https://invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/
  9. There is a plugin available for it. Any particular reason you would want it to be provided in the core?
  10. I agree it would be nice to have it down at the bottom when the author box makes there be a large gap of empty space because the post is too short. This should probably apply for the signature too, so they would be moved together at the bottom in those cases.
  11. I think what you really want is for them to add for example ipsLoggedIn to the body classes. Currently it can look like this: <body class="ipsApp ipsCommunity ipsApp_front ipsJS_has ipsClearfix" ...> But they could have it be this for logged in members: <body class="ipsApp ipsCommunity ipsApp_front ipsLoggedIn ipsJS_has ipsClearfix" ...> I agree. (Or have it be a data-attribute on the body class that is data-loggedIn="true/false" for example)
  12. Just to clarify; you'll still do 4.1.15, maybe 4.1.16 etc. to further fix bugs present in the bug tracker after 4.1.14? But the difference being that you'll not implement any new features and the release will come less frequently (maybe once a month?) and only focus on stability?
  13. Some developer documentation related to this is available here: https://invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/development/single-sign-on-sso-r98/ https://invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/development/ips-connect-r99/ Someone have for example developed a single sign-on integration with Wordpress: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/8202-ipbwi-for-wordpress-v4-ipbwp-single-sign-on-bridge/ IPS can also develop single sign-on integrations for you, see this page for information and prizing: https://invisionpower.com/services/sso
  14. I've replied in your other topic: (Staff: maybe simply delete this topic or merge it with the other one)