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  1. Hi I did not see this topic until now but last night IPB support informed me it was this plugin causing the same error logs as the other poster and when disabled the logs stop.
  2. You dont need a FTP, as I said now go to your admin panel of the forum and follow my first post instructions. Make sure you extract the compressed zip file first.
  3. You download it to your computer. You click on the download button to do that which is located in the market place for this plugin, make sure you get the latest version. Then follow the instructions I posted before.
  4. Download it, extract the file. Go into your admin panel and find plugins under system tab and you will be taken to the plugin page where it says instal new, click and choose the file you downloaded and upload it. Configure settings in member tab.
  5. hi I noticed the short code, %topic_link% is not showing on the email that is sent. It is showing in the email setup and everything else seems fine but just not coming through in email.Just a space where the link should be.
  6. Is there some problem here. No reply to PM or this topic?
    Works perfectly and probably should be a standard feature. Well done.
  7. not a problem, PM sent
  8. Ok no answer so here is the next problem. Now when a member changes colors the theme reverts to default when the browser is closed and reopened. The load more still won't load?
  9. Seems to be a problem with this theme since updating to 4.1.12. The load more activity won't load where it does on the IPB default theme.
    Excellent. Just what I was looking for and Aron made additional ones for free. Can't ask for more that that. 5 stars
  10. I should have said covers the x to remove the multi quote
  11. Hi The back to top button covers the multi quote box, bottom corner. Is there a way to remove this easily? Tom
  12. ​ ah thats the problem, OK on refresh. Yes using correct responsive code. My fault once again
  13. ​I see yours is fine but why is mine like this?