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  1. Member Map

    I like this idea. I'll see if I can't find a plugin or an overlay that does this.
  2. Member Map

    I've just tested, and the only issue I've found so far was the profile map which was missing. That was an easy fix and it's backwards compatible with 4.1.
  3. Member Map

    Yes, I will update it, and hopefully get it ready before the stable release of 4.2.
  4. Member Map

    @Navigare & @pequeno: I don't know. I haven't even installed it myself. My real work is taking up all my time at the moment.
  5. Member Map

    No, this does not. Version 2.0.1 is the last version for the 3.4 branch,
  6. Member Map

    That text is hardcoded in the javascript. I'll get that fixed in the next version. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. Member Map

    That is perfectly normal, the "perm_<appname>_perm__label" key is empty for almost all apps.
  8. Thank you again for the Remove Group Name plugin! It has been very useful for my site. One of my members pointed something out, though, so I'd like to pass it on to you as a request if you ever update it.

    While the plug-in removes the group name from most locations, it appears that the names are still shown on the Leader board. I've disabled the Leaderboard since it isn't altogether necessary for my website, but I just figured I should pass it on!

    Thanks again for the plug-in! Even as it is, it has helped my site tremendously. 

  9. Thanks for the update and continued maintenance to Minimized Quote v1.0.1

    1. Joel R

      Joel R

      Also ... thank you for being one of the few Marketplace developers who use the update notification in the ACP

    2. Martin A.

      Martin A.

      Using GitHub Pages makes it super easy to use the update checker. Guess other devs aren't aware of that possibility,

  10. no way to see who has most followers?

    Let me know what @newbie LAC's response is. My widget is ready to go, but I won't release it if he plans to update his.
  11. Remove Group Name

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple plugin that removes all references to the members group names on the public side of the suite. There's a for setting groups that should always be visible, and one for selecting groups that can see all group names. I believe I've covered all areas where the members group name, or group formatting, is used. If you find places I've missed, do let me know.


  12. Minimized Quote

    Version 1.0.1


    This is a simple plugin that alters the amount of text/image shown in quote boxes. The changes are purely visual, no permanent change will be done to the stored post. It is also backward compatible with older posts. And everything will be restored if the plugin is disabled/uninstalled.


  13. Member Map

    I have fixed this in 3.1.9. Only moderators that can actually delete content, or only Member Map markers, can delete other member's markers. And I've added a new member group setting for deleting own markers.
  14. Member Map

    That is correct. I can add a setting for this in Member Map is needed. It'll sync as soon as the profile is saved. If you're wondering about the import feature, that will run once a day if "Import members without a map marker?" is enabled, and will process 100 members per cycle.