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  1. The problem is that aligning one icon will misalign others. If you want to play around with it yourself, the CSS class is ".awesome-marker i", which you'll find in the file "plugins.combined.css".
  2. The search engine we use does not index house numbers. It will find the street but, but it's not able to tell you were house '14412' is. If this is a custom marker, you can drag and drop the marker you see in the preview map. On the big map you can find the location, right click on it, and select "Edit Location". That will put your marker on that location.
  3. Thank you, I've made some more tweaks to make sure this won't happen again. You may want to run the following DB query, as you now may have a few hundred members flagged as being synced, but really aren't. UPDATE core_members SET membermap_location_synced=0; This will not do anything to those already in the map.
  4. Is the profile field you've chosen either an address field or an editor, or anything else that is not a plain text field?
  5. Did it halt the task this time as well, or did it keep on going? I've seen this appear randomly. Not just for this app, but for all of it. ACP > Support > System Check. That would tell you if /applications isn't writable. Submit a ticket ti IPS if you can't figure it out, as this is an issue with the suite.
  6. Upload the attached file to /applications/membermap/tasks/, make sure it overwrites the existing "locationSync.php". Run the task again, and this time it should ignore that error, and log it to system logs.
  7. Have a look in ACP > Support > System Logs, maybe you'll find an error log there with more info. Make sure the API key is the correct one, and that you've not ran out of transactions. I can look into that.
  8. Looks like the theme resources for this app is missing. Go to ACP > Customization > Themes > Select Theme > Manage Resources, and search for "markers-soft". Go to ACP > Support > Click Something isn't working correctly. This will rebuild the CSS files. If it's still not working I need to an ACP account to see this personally. If all you need to do to cause this is delete a marker, I can't reproduce this. Either it's a core issue, or it's caused by other apps/plugins.
  9. Use custom markers. The whole system is designed for there to only be one member marker, changing that can't be done easily. But custom markers are unlimited.
  10. Afraid you'll have to wait for the next version. Won't be long though, need to get it out to fix some issues that will appear in 4.1.14.
  11. @ADKGamers Can you verify that you have no members with the ID 18504? Suspecting this is a deleted member, which previous versions of Member Map didn't automatically delete.
  12. There's not a separate setting for this, it uses the member group setting "Can delete own content?" which is used across the suite.
  13. Yes, just post it here. Right click on a marker on the map, if the member have permissions to delete the marker, they'll get that option. Or you can do it through "Browse Markers".
  14. Esri WorldStreetMap is an English only map. Have a look at this page to see a preview of all providers you can choose from.
  15. Could you guys go to ACP > Support > System Logs and see if you find the error log that corresponds to the errors you've seen? I don't see how you could "easily" do this on the map without possibly confusing users and cluttering the interface even more. Ideas are welcome. For now you can only change the pin color. You should see the same groups there are you do when changing forums permissions. That form is drawn by the core app, and any issues with it would not be related to this app.