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  1. I'm afraid it's like this by design for performance reasons. Sorry this isn't expressed anywhere, and it kind of makes the "View" permission obsolete. I do have an idea on how to work around this, but the markers would still be available in the cache, and it would just be hidden by the browser. Meaning that anyone could still browse through the cache and see all your top secret markers in raw text. If you're about to plot the location of nuclear warheads, I would not use this app for it.
  2. Confirmed, and fixed (in the next release). Will happen whenever one of your members are browsing the marker groups.
  3. Delete /applications/membermap/. This should be doable. You should see an option to use geolocation when adding/updating your marker, unless your using Chrome and not on a secure connection.
  4. The same way you remove any other applications. ACP > Applications
  5. Edit the template 'showMap' in membermap > front > map. Replace 'ipsButton_link' with any of the following: If it's "member_pl_lc" you're on about, that's not related to Member Map.
  6. Here you go: DELETE FROM `membermap_markers` WHERE marker_member_id IN( 21486, 22262, 15743 ) After that you'll need to rebuild the cache, which you can do through the "Admin Tools" menu on the map. I have no idea how this happened, and if you see this happening again, please let me know.
  7. It's these two members that have all the markers in HK and Surrey: & I'm not on my dev computer right now, but I'll get a DB query you can run to get rid of those markers later tonight.
  8. It is loading, it's just leaking memory like crazy. Consuming 1.2GB and all my CPU. Did this happen after the update? Can you enable marker clustering to see if that helps a bit? Did you have all those ad services when the map was working? Personally I think it's a combination of the huge amount of markers, no clustering, and ad services wanting to process the info from all those markers.
  9. That is a known error caused by the "profile synchronization".
  10. No, not yet.
  11. I've already taken care of that.
  12. Done. Good. What part of it isn't working? Saving from the profile, or the sync task? As mentioned in my previous reply there's a bug in the current release where you'll get a timeout if you don't have a marker on the map and trying to save from the profile.
  13. You are correct. Having a marker was indeed required, as an endless loop was started when one didn't exist. Those keys are required to get the "address" field working, not the regular text field. And this is a question not related to this application. Either submit a ticket to IPS, or create a topic in the peer-to-peer forum, if you can't get the Google Maps integration working.
  14. That happens when several places share the same name, or close variations of it. Nothing I can do with it, really. What you had there is what works the best. A simple "text" input field. An address field require a full working address, which I don't believe a whole lot of your members are ready to give out. This field also require Google Maps API to be turned on in ACP > Community Enhancements.
  15. If this is on ClausNet I get the proper menu when right clicking. What browser are you using? Getting any Javascript errors?