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  1. I believe this is a core issue in IP.Suite. I've reported this to IPS. There haven't been any recent changes, no. Did the profile map stop working recently? Have you tried in the default theme?
  2. SELECT * FROM `core_search_index` WHERE index_author=MEMBER_ID ORDER BY index_id DESC LIMIT 0,15 Can you get me the results of that one? <div id="cf_brand"> This <div> can not be inside "<div id="ipsLayout_contentWrapper">". When there's more than one div inside it, #ipsLayout_mainArea thinks there's a sidebar there, and will make room for it.
  3. I'm aware of the issue, just haven't published the fix yet. You can patch it yourself if you want.
  4. Last Windows desktop before I got a 27" iMac. And I found this too while browsing the archives.
  5. Not possible to just disable. The application is designed that way. If you need multiple markers you can create a new marker group and add your markers there.
  6. SELECT * FROM core_applications WHERE app_directory='membermap'; That row needs to be deleted, if it exists. After you've done that, go to ACP > Support, tick "Something isn't working correctly" then click the button below. That'll clear your cache.
  7. I don't see anything wrong with your map. Did you try clearing your browser cache?
  8. That's been suggested before, and is noted.
  9. As Kjell Iver pointed out, it's the PHP settings upload_max_filesize and post_max_size that's in control of that. As your host to increase those values. Alternatively you can do it the old way.
  10. Will need access to your board to figure out this one, or disable the custom error page in order to see the proper message. Both noted. Can you run the same query I instructed @jair101 to run on that event? SELECT event_location FROM calendar_events WHERE event_id=X
  11. There's the reason why. The search engine Member Map use don't recognize the location. I'll see if I can do this a different way. Not a plan for it currently, but I'm gonna write it down.
  12. Can you edit the permissions for that group and resave it? I'm interested in knowing what the content of the SQL column "event_location" in the "calendar_events" table is for that event, you think you can get that for me? Not 100% sure, but the query should be this: SELECT event_location FROM calendar_events WHERE event_id=X
  13. Can you upload this file to /applications/membermap/hooks? Take a backup of the existing file in case this starts throwing errors.
  14. Can you have a look in ACP > Support > Error Logs, or System Logs, and see if there's any relevant logs there?
  15. "Map is not shown"; Do you mean the mini map in the event view? If that's the case then something else went wrong when saving it. Just tried adding a new event in "Siem Reap" with no issues. Looks like you have custom error pages. I can't really tell what the error is without knowing the error code or proper error message. You might find it in ACP > Support > System/Error Logs.