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  1. Quizzes

    I have jsut updated all of them manually.... I signed in as a member and allowed all plays... Just wanated to give you the feedback...thx you
  2. Quizzes

  3. Quizzes

    So if the submitter has submitted 10 quiz and members have already played them.. as an admin I need to wait .. he logins and allow...all quizzes need to be done
  4. Quizzes

    The other member has created the quiz .. before 4.2 ... now as an admin..I cannot do it...I have to sign in as member..or wait for member to allow play... for my quiz I can do it...
  5. Quizzes

    where is the allow play button... i need to allow play to all the quizzes
  6. I had one such type pf bug... I was not able to unpin ....then i contacted the support for same
  7. Handling unicode urls

    I have site which is basically in hindi language where I use unicode The problem is when we share url -on fb whatspp It becomes too untidyश्रावक-के-६-आवश्यक-कर्म/ If something can be done....
  8. Invite system

    Importing email address with Yahoo gmail....or CSV uploads members can invite others If they send club invitation.... after joining, he automatically becomes club member Inbuilt or it can be 3rd party integration
  9. Anyone here a domain investor?

    I have 36 domains
  10. Hey Saurabh,

    I noticed that some of the links in your signature need to be updated.  Hope this helps!  

  11. Required functionality: "Image Lazy Load"

    This feature will do wonders to mobile traffic....
  12. Quizzes

  13. Quizzes

    I just upgraded to beta and it seems quiz working... but before something went wrong let me update it Thanks you can you please tell the steps to update
  14. Quizzes

    my account does not exist The Display Name or Email Address you entered does not belong to any account. Make sure that it is typed correctly.
  15. Notification system is really good

    whats new in 4.2 - It seems I missed this new feature