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  1. I will like to have social groups.... waiting for the same
  2. Info graphic released by adsense Requesting IPS management to look into this test.....most IPS clouds performing poor...
  3. Blogs need improvements compared to wordpress , can add widgets , can change layout and attachments downloaded count needed If i shared a pdf file.... no of times it was downloaded should be shown
  4. May this year we all get double or even triple traffic compared to last year May you all get a success in your websites... Regards Saurabh
  5. Google will be giving preference to https sites... It will be good if this can be included in cloud plan with some additional charges
  6. I used to have another quiz app which was for IPS 3 but had to disable the plugin during ips4 upgrade... Is there a way to import questions / quizes
  7. How about adding Amazon SES ?
  8. Thx @Lindy please do see my status....It is getting tough to survive.....please do investigate on my site analytics.....its getting tougher to stand
  9. There is sometime a spike of say around 250 users and my package just moves from 130$ to 330$ Its a huge gap between the two plans I request for intermediate plan in between the two..
  10. can you please check this
  11. by consistently sharing the website content on facebook
  12. Same is the issue for me... edi button not coming............. Pl advise
  13. I have disabled the settings - Enable Friendly urls If it is disabled - collab mangemnet menu not coming If it is enabled it is showing I need to keep it disabled - what can be done - Please test and suggest
  14. Collab Management menu is not coming in collabs from where we can add forums and other sections... Though its coming when I got notification of new members requesting approval
  15. Perfect vehicle for long term journey....