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  1. Perfect vehicle for long term journey....
  2. any inputs ?
  3. Please see here Will IPS use this?
  4. If some one joins collab or post in collab... will it go in activity feed?
  5. Say if we have a CMS 1 which has its own user management and we look to integrate with Invision power board What are the possibilities of single sign in ? How does it actually work with invision login handlers... Please advise Regards Saurabh
  6. Directly moving from 200 users to 450 users on a cloud package is a huge jump There should be an intermediate package as well Regards Saurabh
  7. is there any gaming app for IPS 4 ? like we used t have Arcade IPS lack 3rd Party integration Isn't it?
  8. Is the features list ready ?
  9. Software does impact...and play a very important role 1 When I share a link on Facebook ..the generated Thumbnail plays a vital role of first impression whether user will click ii not.......... it works very well in gallery ... though it lacks in download.... I have never seen the right thumbnail when i share the download file link.... It works awesome in gallery and blogs.... (they made some changes and it started showing cover image.. so I compromised by removing the cover image... then it again started showing the entry images... --- 2 When you have a half a million like and we share a post.. It reached say 50,000 visitors in a an hour... so you can expect say 2000 hits in an that time IPS cloud has been very stable compared to the VPS servers of say 8 GB ram... I have found the stability ............ but now there is again a issue...for next level you have to upgrade from 120 $ to 330 $ I hope they had a 200 $ package too or pro rata system..... Till 1 million IPS has given me a infrastructure and hence deserve thanks
  10. Regards Saurabh
  11. What will be the solution?
  12. Not sure... but this drop started from April first week, and so whichever was latest at that moment.... IPS upgrades are so fast not easy to recall...
  13. My page views has gone down - but IPS has upgraded my cloud package in the last two months
  14. Just now my page reached a landmark of 1 Million l likes .. I have been with IPS since 2008. Thanks to all the staff and members here in the community. Regards Saurabh
  15. at times there has been a difficulty.........but if I look my journey... I have been with IPS since 2008.... it looks very good...