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  1. I've been waiting for better handling of user attached videos for a while. I think this feature was on the roadmap when IPS4 was first released, but since then there seems to have been little progress in this area (unless I missed it). What I'd like to see is support for encoding uploaded videos via a transcoding service (with built in support for Amazon Video Transcoding or configurable local ffmpeg transcoding) and built-in Video Player for streaming the attachment. It is rather easy to run ffmpeg in a Docker container on a server these days to host the transcoding service locally, but Amazon also has a very reasonably priced service for transcoding, storage, and streaming the videos (unless this aspect of my site were to really take off). Basically, I'd like to see the same things that are done for photos/images done for videos. I really want my users to post short videos taken on their smartphones instead of having them have to type in a topic for sharing their thoughts. I realize that videos can cost more to host, but I think it might be worth it instead of telling everyone to upload their videos to Youtube and embedding the video link in their posts. Many users just don't bother (especially for a short video message that is specific to a topic). I also want to be able to control the video encoding parameters so I can specify 240p or 480p or HD encoding and time limit (clipping transcoded file to 30 seconds or 3 minutes or whatever) to save bandwidth or storage costs. For my needs, low quality video with a short time limit (of several minutes) would suffice for an attached video to a post.
  2. When attachments are stored in the database, the whole file is inserted in one row. This row could be very large and really mess up replication, especially if using synchronous replication using the Galera replication library. Also, storing large BLOBs in MySQL requires my.cnf configuration so it would be much better for many users if IPS4 could run with MySQL defaults (and still allow storing attachments in the database). Could you please consider "chunking" attachments into multiple rows where the default chunk size is 255KB with an admin setting to change the chunk size? See how MongoDB's GridFS stores files in two tables: https://docs.mongodb.org/v3.0/reference/gridfs/#gridfs-chunks-collection Also, I would like to see MongoDB as a supported storage method for files in some future version of IPS4. MongoDB is probably a better option than using most of the other supported storage methods (especially the File System or the Local Database) as MongoDB is really built to scale infinitely using multiple servers with large Block Storage available. Finally, the list of Storage Methods should probably also include Remote MySQL Database (just like the Forums app supports Archiving to a Remote Database).
    I purchased this app thinking it might use full CSS3 to implement the badge. Rather, this app just seems to position a PNG image that you have to create yourself. There is a PSD file included with a couple of badge styles, but it wasn't obvious to me how to create them. I don't have Photoshop and I use Pixelmator on the Mac to edit PSD files and I gave up trying to produce my own PNGs after just a few minutes. There are lots of free badge creators on the web that let you generate PNGs with your own text, so if I were to use this app, I would probably just create my own using one of these sites and just use it to edit the theme templates to position the Badge. CSS3 has various styles you can do to transform/rotate text and images so you could do these Badges entirely using CSS styles and no PNGs with hard-coded badge text. This would be a plugin I would buy if the CSS was included and well done for a number of different badge styles.
    I purchased this plugin to see if it would work on a site I am building using IPS4. After download, I realized that this plugin is for Pages use only. The About text clearly states this, but this didn't register with me before I purchased. From what I can tell from my limited testing, the plugin works well. What I wanted, though, is a plugin that simply adds individual field types for custom profile fields like Country, City/Street, Postcode with optional Location Map to aid setting the individual Field Types. This plugin basically does this for Pages, but doesn't do it for Profiles/Registration Forms. I could also use a Place Names field type where the field has an optional Places Map for searching Google Places and auto-completing the Place Name and Location fields.
  3. Well said. I can think of many ways to solve this problem and I hope the developers give it some more thought and fix this before IPS4 release. I posted my "naive" idea of how to implement a fix in the original bug report. Basically, the JS needs to defer clearing localStorage for as long as it can and only delete this data when it is absolutely sure that the text made it into the database.
  4. I ask this question because I would like to have similar apps to the IPS4 Resources Bug Tracker and Documentation apps for my site. But, I don't want to have to implement these apps myself in Pages since it will take some time and effort to set them up for my site (learning Pages just to implement these apps would be a low priority to me). My suggestion is that IPS provide these apps as a free download in the marketplace that can be imported into my Pages installation to give me a starting point to using them on my site. The Pages app comes with an Articles app, but I don't find this app to be very useful to me. Indeed, this site doesn't even use this app unless you consider the IPS4 Documentation app as a customization of the Articles app. An alternative to making the Bug Tracker and Documentation apps available for download would be to provide detailed tutorials on customizing Pages to create these apps on our own sites as articles in the IPS4 Documentation area. But these tutorials would need to be very detailed (including the actual templates and database setups needed for a production Bug Tracker and Documentation system).
  5. You should report any misused CSS styles as a bug, I would think... The default theme should use consistent styles to make sure the suite looks the same throughout...
  6. The current Bug Tracker page looks awful with the blotchy grey Statuses: I suggest you change the Statuses into Tags that are Color Coded. The Tags would be "Cannot Reproduce", "Awaiting Feedback", "Unconfirmed", "Confirmed - Matt", etc and would be pre-defined. The "Unconfirmed" tag could be shown in Grey. The "Fixed" tag could be shown in Green. The "Confirmed" tags could be shown in Red and other tags having appropriate colors to make them stand out or fade into the background. It also might work better to have the tag shown as a prefix to the "By" line instead of a suffix to this line. That way, the status of the report will be shown as a column just under the Report Title. No need for the text "Status:" to be repeated in each tag too. Just a suggestion...
  7. I did submit a Support Ticket to get access to the Pre-Release download for working with the IN_DEV mode this weekend, but no response from IPS and I fear that I won't get access to the download tonight since it is 6:30pm ET on a Friday here and I bet all customer service people have taken off for the weekend. My current 1.0.12 install had some reported issues with IN_DEV and Designer's Mode which I believe might now be fixed in 1.0.16. I think IPS could have handled this better. My suggestion is to automatically add a free 6 month IPS4 Suite license to all "legacy" license holders. This would have smoothly transitioned us to IPS4 and then IPS could offer to "convert" existing Lifetime/Perpetual licenses to IPS4 licenses for a further $75 account credit (or whatever $100 minus 6 month IPS4 license is). That way, we wouldn't be inconvenienced by the new license policy and would have the time to decide whether we want to keep an IPS4 license active.
  8. How do I "convert" my Lifetime license to IPS4? I can't download the latest Pre-Release anymore since you require "active" licenses to do so. Also, what happens to my Copyright Removals that is on my Lifetime license? Does this "convert"? I also have inactive IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, IP.Nexus, and IP.Content licenses that are "attached" to my Lifetime license. Do these inactive licenses "convert" also so I only have to pay a small fee to activate these for IPS4? I also have 2 Permanent inactive licenses that don't have Copyright Removals attached. I have never successfully established a community based on the IPB licenses I hold (I tried several times, but all were failures). I want to give IPS4 a try basically because I can implement my own custom app rather easily to build the type of community that I think will be successful. If you don't mind, could you briefly describe the fees (both initially and ongoing) that I am going to incur to deploy a community based on IPS4 under the new license structure assuming I get credits applied for my old Lifetime license (and 2 Perpetual licenses and the inactive other licenses I hold) and I will be using Copyright Removal, IPS4 Forums, Blog, Gallery, Nexus, and Content on my new site.
  9. Its an "early preview" site now and they only approved the first 906 people that registered. You would have been approved if you registered earlier. When they open it up to many more people, they will put out a public notification so more people know about the site and can contribute to making IPS4 the best release ever. Previously, you only really found out about the site by reading Charles' signature or seeing someone else discuss the site here.
  10. As I've been playing on the IPS4 preview site now for a few days, it appears to me that not all the features I had hoped would be implemented made it into the suite. I would like to encourage third party developers to implement my desired features, but I really don't have the budget to post a Custom Project and pay for the whole implementation. So, I was thinking that if IPS had a Contests section here, that I could run a Contest and get some developers to compete for implementing the hook/module/app for a lower price than doing a Custom Project. The rules of the Contest could be that all Contests have at least 1 prize ($100 minimum) and that all hooks/modules/apps submitted be able to be sold by the developers in the marketplace. And, that the Contest holder get a royalty-free copyright-free perpetual license for the Contest winning mod to use on their site. For example, if I would like a Reviews forum type (that works a bit like the Questions forum type in IPS4, only for Reviews with Ratings), I would post a $250 Contest and describe the feature I want implemented. Various developers who think it is worth an afternoon or so to implement their take on the feature and submit their completed work to the Contest. Only the Contest holder would be able to download and test these developer submissions. The Contest would be kept open for maybe up to 30 days at which time, if the Contest holder hasn't picked a winner, IPS would. To make sure that winners get their winnings, IPS could require the Contest holder to pay the winning prize money to IPS before opening the contest and IPS would handle paying the winner when one is picked. The prize money would be refundable to the Contest holder only if the Contest holder or IPS don't think any developer has submitted a solution that is acceptable. I'm willing to bet that there are lots of us IPS4 customers out here that would love to sponsor various Contests for their favorite missing features of IPS4. Developers will be incentivized to work on lots of different add on products by entering the Contests that feature a high enough prize for them to spend the effort to win the Contest even though the likelihood is that they might not win the prize. And, all Developers, regardless of whether they won the prize, can try to sell their submission in the MarketPlace. This might really jump start the MarketPlace with higher quality third party add ons than the current MarketPlace.
  11. I'm hoping that the new IPB 4 will not only support Master/Slave setups out of the box, but that the software is transaction oriented. For example, when creating a new topic, all the inserts and updates should be in a single MySQL transaction that is applied to the Master and replicated to the Slaves as a single transaction. SELECT FOR UPDATEs that are input to a subsequent UPDATE should be applied to the Master connection and other normal SELECTs should be redirected to a Slave connection. And It would be nice if the software handled COMMIT failures to a Galera Cluster so that temporary locking issues on one of the nodes is handled properly. Anyway, I'm hoping that IPS took advantage of the code rewrite to implement enterprise quality SQL view of the database.
  12. Does this work with text shown by JavaScript? Can I replace text with HTML? Can text be erased (not shown) by changing to empty string?
  13. I just thought of another option. If the 4.0 RTE editor used unique classes for all generated HTML (instead of, for example, "class='ipsQuote ipsPad ipsSmall'" which uses classes that are used elsewhere 4.0) and 4.0 placed these post styles in a separate CSS file (and used CSS selectors to define the scope of these styles in the HTML), I could easily create a separate CSS file for sending the post in email. It is my understanding that most modern email clients support the script tag for CSS. But if I really wanted, I could probably easily regex the post HTML to inline the styles. In fact, I think 4.0 could support this approach for everyone so the ability to email post bodies (in HTML) was a built in feature.