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  1. I just looked at my own profile and this is not the case. It is not sorted by purchase date Im affraid. It looks like that when you take a look but I examined the list in-depth and can confirm that games are scattered without any order.
  2. Thanks for the info. But please would you consider adding this to 3.4 version?
  3. hi, I viewed a demo of IPB4 and I got a question about translation. In the 3 version it was possible to translate and export certain applications. now its all just dumped into one place. is there a way to lets say export only certain application translations? for example, system and blog? or is it just a one huge indivisible language pack?
  4. @Aiwais there a way to sort Steam games on profile sidebar list-style ALPHABETICALLY? now its just a list of random games. No order whatsoever.
  5. please make it work towards renewals too
  6. Apple user? :) Updated with .zip instead of .rar.
  7. I dont know if will ever possible, but I hope that one day we will be able to host ourselves instead of paying monthly for number of visitors. please come up with an option to do just that.
  8. oh yeah, lets finally put mobile skins to rest FOR GOOD :D
  9. this looks okay :) nothing super wow but changes are for the best.
  10. oh yeah this will make my job so much easier and efficient :)
  11. ok, thats one way to do it. but what about letting those members know still that they got repped but simple do not mention the name of member who repped, something like "A member repped positively your post..."? what you think?
  12. yup thats the one. but how did you make the notification to appear to those member groups who cannot view?
  13. Hi, and what about certain member groups which cannot view who voted on their post? how the mod handles them? because for examples noobs on my board cannot view who repped them, once thei get 30+ posts - then they can.
  14. awesomisimo! :D