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  1. @-RAW- We purchased the Quotes this morning and cannot seem to display it on the Forum Homepage. The box has been added and there are quotes to display. The theme is Elegant by IPSFocus and is being added the the bottom by whos online.
  2. The $ I need to change to a £. Just the image that sits on the donator part on profiles within posts. I can't seem to locate the image to change. Thanks
  3. Just upgraded it after updating from 3.4 to 4.1 and receive the same error on profile. Also, is it possible to change the $ anywhere? Thanks
  4. okay, many thanks Zale, really useful addon!
  5. Does is add any queries, for page load time reasons.
  6. Adriano, when editing a member, it shows their primary group as validating, even though they are in members group, any ideas please?