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  1. Awesome :] Thank you very much.
  2. It depends on the OS, there are workarounds for this in many 32 unix distros, for instance.
  3. It's not about redundancy, there are things worth being given emphasis. imo.
  4. the 'client area' in the dropdown was renamed to marketplace purchases.
  5. so it is resource intensive to calculate it upon every page view. cache it's value whenever a reply is added/removed would be suitable, am i wrong?
  6. thus it removes the unused [blank] part of the side bar.
  7. I wish the -1 button was back so I didn't have to post just to point out I find the current layout nice.
  8. it's all messed up here too, ff4 osx.
  9. thanks thanks thanks thanks!
  10. just go to conf_global.php and change the friendly_url thing to 0 and it'll go back to "?showforum=id"/"?showtopic=id" etc.
  11. Interesting :) Thanks
  12. Thanks! Cropping is very welcome. ------- Offtopic - I will understand if you don't answer, what do you use to record just part of your screen in the mac(in this case just your browser)?
  13. Evernote and Things.