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  1. Wow I think after years the IPS team will have a "relatively" peaceful XMAS / Holiday season for having planned 4.1 in advance for OCT release! Cheers guys!
  2. With PHP 5.6.3 + IPS4 I get error communicating with the IPS License Server. If I go back to PHP 5.5.19 all works fine. I am just posting this as INFO for the rest of the team. I am comfortable using using PHP 5.5.19.
  3. +1 , the rebuild process has taken forever and still no clear end result in sight !
  4. For some process like moving files , is there an option to do this manually, this will be way faster than a task. Currently it takes days to move files if we change storage settings ...and the same can be accomplished manually in a few minutes.
  5. Upgraded the test site to IPS4 Beta 2 : I added Amazon S3 in the configurations. I then Changed all storage settings from the default hosting path to the Amazon bucket . It now says "If you change an existing storage method, files will be gradually moved in the background. This can be time consuming and you may experience broken links/images until the process has completed." Any way of knowing what is the percentage complete in transferring files from the hosting server to Amazon S3 ? Is there a way to manually do this ?
  6. So he is now staff ! (w00t)
  7. Now I am excited.
  8. Could you please let us know what the Top3 are for the upgrade ?
  9. This may be completely out of place , but are there plans for a few popular IPS theme skins to be upgraded to IPS 4.0 (I understand that IPS 4 is a completely new design). But Asking if there are plans.
  10. When will the preview be availabel !
  11. Soon!
  12. Brilliant! I want IPB 4.0 now ! !