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  1. Transferring all your data from vBulletin is VERY easy effectively just a click of a button :) I don't quite have the answer of the subdomain bit though sorry!
  2. Yea what Aiwa said you could just put the hook above or below the ad hook so it appears after the first post?
  3. I have an iMac lat '08 i think but i can only run it as the main monitor in a dual monitor setup. Is that different with the newer iMacs?
  4. Tis a Mac honest :D (Bootcamp :ph34r: )
  5. ;o scrap that, 22" monitor on the way ;D Thanks alot for the help/video :)
  6. I already have 5.1 surround so sound isn't really a worry for me :)
  7. Looking to buy a 2nd monitor for my iMac. Since my Mac is 1920x1200 and 24" i would like to keep it along them lines. Any reccomendations prefferably under
  8. So sorry about this, i meant phpBB 2.0 not IPB 2.0!!
  9. Ah nice thanks for this, might use it :D Anyone know how long it would take to convert a forum with 12k members and 540k posts? from phpBB of course :) Cheers, Yours Truly
  10. Hey, Trying to convince someone to make this upgrade, i have shown them the demo but anyone got a list of reasons i could present them with? Both technical and simple, backend and front end. Cheers, Yours Truly