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  1. I use the above, It has the best of both worlds, it integrates into the Stop Forum Spam API and also protects your website from hacking attempts (SQL injection etc). Does anyone else use it on here?
  2. That looks good to me :)
  3. you have T-minus 23 hours 55 minutes ! :rofl:
  4. Excuse me? are you now suggesting that I should not respond to a question I know the answer to? As vorren asked the above question. My accurate truthful and informative response was the following... And that required your response of... Really? oh my god And I'd call that a flaw in the design of your app DawPi, lets call a spade a spade here and not beat around the bush about it. It's a flaw, and an unnecessary flaw at that when a better solution is possible. Working as intended then is it? No ability to turn off sidebars on registration page and search results? not a flaw? As I said before, I was responding to vorren's question. As you're clearly to busy in your many support topics and fixing issues in a few of your applications. I should be getting paid! :smile:
  5. You can't, you can't disable them on the registration page either and possibly other areas not mentioned yet. It's a flaw in the design of this application, simply put you have to wait for the developer to read your above question, then to realise it might have being better to include that area, then it's a waiting game when he releases a fix to the flaw. I've already suggested a wildcard URL format to exclude or include pages to prevent this issue ever arising in the first place but time will tell if he follows through on it.. Until then..... Wait or disable the app until the flaw is fixed.
  6. Thanks DawPi for fixing the problem, You had suggested before to enter the code in that format or similar though Your Post Here Now I have only 1 issue, You can not disable a selected sidebar on the registration page, there is no option for that. This is why I suggested to you for the feature of being able to manually insert URL's with a wildcard (*). For example: If I did not want a sidebar to display on the registration page I would simply insert... index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register ...into a text field with a drop down box next to the field allowing me to select "only show on these pages" or "Do not show on these pages". This kind of feature worked perfectly, why change it? Now if we want to exclude anything we have to wait for you to hard code that area to be a select-able exclude zone into the app? makes no sense for it to be that way. Thanks :smile:
  7. Thanks for that Don, Perfect!
  8. Yes, that post shows the required code to place into the global sidebar box for that mod to display correctly. That worked and it displayed fine in your application. BUT for some reason on my registration page it spit out the above error making registrations impossible. Everything in the error code made references to your application. As soon as your app was disabled the registration page worked as normal. DawPi, you may not notice it and it could be due to the fact you're from Poland and there is a slight language barrier. Maybe your tone or the way you project yourself and words can be put down to the language issue. But from reading your past replies not just to myself but the majority of people in every support topic for each one of your apps. You do come across as condescending and slightly insulting, in your posts it appears you have an attitude of something along the lines of.... "oh my god, I have to waste time on your stupid problem when I have better things to be doing, hurry up so I can get back to what I want to do" OR "I'm not the problem here, don't ever share your opinion about one of my products again, I work alone so expect errors and shut up about it too". Of course the above lines are not your exact words but it's along these lines you project yourself to customers. Personally, as soon as I get that kinda attitude from anyone I go into defensive mode. I can't be respectful towards someone who would speak to me like that. I'm not a bad guy, if you respect me I completely respect you in return. I have no reason to bad mouth your apps unless I felt I had a valid reason to do so, if I'm ever wrong about something I will surely apologize and publicly correct any wrongful statement I may have made.
  9. I purchased this app a long time ago back in 2009 I believe on the invision modding website, I recently purchased it again last year through this market also in the hope I could get it converted to work with the more recent IP.Board. I must confirm that back in the day (2 years ago) this application was great! Now though, Don't buy this application. Vince (the developer) no longer supports this application, he no longer replies to support topics on this website as well as his own website (invision modding). He shows no signs of life or interest in developing this application further so you will be wasting your money if you decide to purchase it. This will NOT work on any of the recent IP.Board versions, please note: Supported IPS Software Version: 3.0.x That's back in the stone age in terms of IP.Board versions. So the summary of my review: It was a fantastic application, sadly no longer developed though. Stay clear until he rises from the ashes and returns to the scene, if ever.
  10. Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'fshow is not an object' in /home/********/public_html/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php:1079 Stack trace: #0 /home/********/public_html/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(1177): ipsRegistry::getClass('fshow') #1 /home/********/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/gsidebars/sources/classes/library.php(1193) : eval()'d code(1): ipsRegistry->__get('fshow') #2 /home/********/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/gsidebars/sources/classes/library.php(1193): eval() #3 /home/********/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/gsidebars/sources/classes/library.php(1156): gsLibrary->parsePHP('echo $this->reg...') #4 /home/********/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/gsidebars/sources/classes/library.php(928): gsLibrary->_parseAdvert('echo $this->reg...', '1', '1') #5 /home/********/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/gsidebars/sources/classes/library.php(706): gsLibrary->_getAdvertsBaseOnSidebarID('4') #6 /home/********/public_html/admin/applicatio in /home/********/public_html/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php on line 1079 Seriously DawPi, I've given up using this application now... I've only just noticed this error which is shown on my forums registration page. I had to disable the application. You've clearly not tested this fully before releasing it to your customers, I'm done being a beta tester or Guinea pig for your applications. I just don't have the time to deal with errors that are not my doing in relation to your apps. Big disappointment, back to the free version on the market I go.
  11. Nope...
  12. Anyway to get this to work on the IP.Content page? It only appears to function on the forums. easy to solve?
  13. onlyME fixed this issue for me, fantastic fast support. Thank you :)
  14. Hi onlyME, I've discovered a problem with this application. It conflicts with IP.Content's article rating and follow system. I've made a screencast video to show exactly the issue... The Featured Content Hook prevents users from Rating an article and also Following an article as shown in the video above. Can you fix this please?