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  1. Absolutely give it a shot. I want to keep my members captive instead of them having to search for other forums to find a topic they wish to discuss. Like SW I too use to have that forum password protected. Here is how that forum reads: News, Current Events & Politics Discuss stories & events happening across the country and around the world. Password: Iammature This is a Big Boys Forum. If you don't think that you can handle reading different viewpoints/opinions from various members on some sensitive subjects in the news than don't enter. Argue the topic not the opinion of other members. We have a Trump thread, Clinton thread and a election thread going. People are passionate and energized with the discussions. And most importantly they have followed the rules. Never be afraid to try new things with your community. Some things work and others don't. We all know how easy it is wipe out a forum in the event an idea to try to improve your board doesn't work out.
  2. I am not a fan of this activity stream either for many of the same reasons which have previously been stated. Just so I understand, from a programming standpoint, would it be a programming skull crusher for IPS to incorporate an option in the ACP to allow the client to use the old VNC style if we feel that is in the best interests of our site ? For example, Paypal will allow you the option to choose between new PP and classic PP. I think this type of option would make many of us very happy.
  3. broni I was on your site when it went down. I think it is a hosting problem as I went to refresh it said 500 error which tells me there is an internal server problem.
  4. To all of those that have been kind enough to share your sites, I must say that I am quite impressed. Nice Job !
  5. Good job guys !
  6. ​This is a great idea. I wish there was a mod built for 3.4. Isn't an attempted mod for this icredits ? What I am wondering is how can the site owner capitalize on tipping ? Under your idea would a owner be entitled to a small servicing fee for every tip given ? Any idea how that would mechanically work ?
  7. I have numerous questions about purchasing with responses to my inquiries leading to followup questions. There are situations that relate to sales where there should be direct contact with a sales rep. My email was dropped hrs ago and its frustrating to not get an immediate response. BTW calling someone clueless is the same as ignorant which simply means lacking knowledge. That is not an insult just part of the English language. Either way I don't need to be part of anybodies quest for 10k posts.
  8. You really are clueless. What is the relevance that it is a software product to get phone service ? To show you how clueless you are tell me if you see a phone number here Feel free to stay off my topics.
  9. I have phone support at Amazon and have never paid a penny more for any purchase. I can talk to hostgator about anything and it doesn't cost one penny extra. Are you totally clueless ? Customers needs should always come first.
  10. I understand that it may save money from a companies standpoint by not having someone manning the telephones but does this really service the client ? I had a couple quick questions today for IPS and I would have loved to just asked someone on the phone the answers to these questions. The whole reason I stay with my current host is because they have excellent phone support. I can pickup the phone and talk to a tech about my problem. Why have so many companies decided to not put the client first ? IPS please consider putting the client first and letting them decide the form of correspondence with you that they prefer.
  11. I am shocked that PP shut you down. I thought that they adopted a look the other way policy because just about everyone is getting into their space (Amazon,Google,Square,etc). There are so many companies getting into payment that I thought they would be looking the other way to just about everything. They must have cited some violation so come clean with us.... What TOS did they claim you violated ? In regards to your donations I have news for you and that is you are a business. Just because they are defined as donations that does not exempt you from reporting those dollars as income. Perhaps your expenses offset that income but it still needs to be reported. Why not just provide the documents requested by skrill ? File a schedule C as a sole prop. Its not that big a deal. I file a schedule C for my donations. Finally, I just want to say that the Donation Tracker is a great App. In addition, Mike John provides the "best support" for his product. He is "Aces".
  12. Looks like the hot new trend is for members to get paid for social media posts. A couple companies (Bonzo Me and Bubblews) pay its users for posts. Social Media sites that pay you for posting It would be nice for this app to be tweaked a little to allow us to do payouts.
  13. I have reviewed this thread with great intrigue. Is anyone using this app to help monetize their site ? For example, would it work if members bought credits with the value being $1 equals 1 credit. Purchasing members could give/award credits to those members who provided outstanding content (topics/posts). I would allow members with 100 or more credits to send me a pm at two different periods per yr requesting to be sent 90% in cash of their earned credits. 10% would be what the site would earn while contributing members would receive 90% of their credits which would represent the monetization of their posting efforts. Set aside for a moment the 1099 issues does anyone use this app for that type of setup ?
  14. Gosh, if we are allowed to dream of something for password protection, how about some biometrics to really give IPS the "WOW" factor ! For boards that have subscriptions this would eliminate the sharing of passwords to bypass paying for access.
  15. You might want to take a look at this thread: The best ip.content sites are done by top of the food chain type of guys. You are citing one of the best sites and asking if something similar to that site could be duplicated by a newbie for which I would answer "unlikely". Give it some time and you will get there.