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  1. I am using this app to update the built in reputation score. I have noticed that it doesn't update the built in "top reputation" block and the block for this app doesn't show all reputation rendering both blocks ineffective
  2. I have just found a way round this If you set every member group able to give x reputation setting to zero, the button disappears.
  3. Many thanks. Do you know when it will be available?
  4. Apologies, but I can't find that setting.
  5. That would be ideal if it's possible
  6. Again, many thanks for clarifying for me. It works how I anticipated. Is this possible? I previously suggested that a feature would be to be able to choose which if the 0/0/0 we display and you said this was a possible setting. I appreciate you are busy and I'm not pressuring you, but if this were possible it would solve the above problem. Is this still a possibility? If it is any timescale? Many thanks Bill
  7. I assume that the following setting updates the build in reputation score?? Does it also update the Content Rating score? If that is the case, is there anyway I can hide the content rating scores (0/0/0) EVERYWHERE, effectively using your multiple icons, but the built in reputation scores?
  8. I think either would work for us. My thinking is that I want members to be able to critique posts in a negative way, but don't necessarily want to keep a score of that negativity. Having thought through my logic, if we could actually edit out the neutral and negative scores so only the positive show, i.e. 0 (as opposed to 0/0/0) then we could add icons with neutral because no one would ever see that score. Does that make sense??
  9. Please can I suggest a couple of features I'd like to see?? 1) At present we don't use the neutral or negative scores - would it be possible to toggle these so I can, if I choose display the present score as just positive, i.e. 0 - as opposed to 0/0/0 ? 2) Would it be possible to have icons available to click that don't add to the members positive/neutral/negative score at all (similar to Facebook 'like' icons)? These, for me, would be the icing on the cake Many thanks - great app!!
  10. Having gone live with this (only 12 hours ago), I would like to say how impressed I am with the depth to which this app goes. All the settings and features that I hoped for are there. I've found some suitable icons and the way we have set it up the need to change the amount period from daily to weekly is not now important. Many, many thanks for the app, your support and patience. To keep it simple whilst we introduce our members to this new system (our community resists change) we've set up just three icons for "Like", "Thanks" and "Great Photos" (all positive). I would be interested to know what icons other users have set up though. Thanks again & all the best Bill
  11. Many thanks for your help and patience - much appreciated! I've been looking for icons like the ones you've used (the colour ones, not the fa ones) with no success (all the ones I've found are too big). Do you have a link where I can find the same ones?? Also, is it possible to change the amount you can give from a DAILY amount to a WEEKLY amount?
    I've just brought, downloaded and installed this. I initially had problems, but newbie LAC's support was first class and got it working for me (It was a mistake I'd made!) I'm now setting it up and playing around with it before going live on my community. Very impressed with the product and the support! MANY THANKS!!
  12. Details sent by PM. Many thanks for your help.
  13. EDIT - Not sure that will help, I've only enabled Admin use at the moment while I test
  14. I've changed it to fa-camera but I still get the same box with no icon shown