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  1. [Feature request] Twitch integration

    Hi, Thanks! But I was thinking about the video integration, not the login method i.e. posting a Twitch video link, and getting the full player, as it is working with YouTube.
  2. [Feature request] Twitch integration

    Hi again, Any news concerning the Twitch integration? Thanks!
  3. New: Complete Your Profile

    Very well done!
  4. New: Richer Embeds

    Great great great job!! Love this!
  5. New: Reactions

  6. Blog Example

    A gorgeous list of blogs:
  7. GifV Functionality / Imgur

    +1 !
  8. Support Dailymotion videos in embedded items

    Thank you very much, @Colonel_mortis
  9. AutoIt Anti-Spam

    Gorgeous tool! Has been installed on my pretty big board for 2 month now, and I got rid of my korean spammers. Very effective, THANK YOU!
  10. AutoIt Anti-Spam

    Hi, Outstanding plugin, THANK YOU! Would it be possible, for the regex verification, to be able to mark as a spammer, instead of putting the content under moderation review? That would be amazing! Thanks again,
  11. AutoIt Anti-Spam

    Hi, Can't download version 1.0.3… when I try the change log version with 1.0.3, this is the 1.0.4 I get. Could it be an IPS bug? Thanks
  12. Is it possible to choose a group at registration?

    Hi Andy, Thanks a lot for your answer. Is it maybe a feature you might want to add in a later version of IPS?
  13. IPS Connect on Master and slave with Facebook

    Hi, I've had an answer by email, looks like the problem will be solved in a later version
  14. IPS Connect on Master and slave with Facebook

    This project involves 7 IPS licences, I would love to have an answer… Thanks.
  15. Hi, Is it possible for a member during the registration process to choose a specific group? For instance, for a forum about cars, I could create the groups "Ferrai lovers", "Mercedes lovers", and "Lamborghini lovers". Each group has its own ACP settings (color, image, and so on.). When a user registers, is it possible for him to choose among the pre-defined groups? Thanks a lot,