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  1. Thank you very much, @Colonel_mortis
    Gorgeous tool! Has been installed on my pretty big board for 2 month now, and I got rid of my korean spammers. Very effective, THANK YOU!
  2. Hi, Outstanding plugin, THANK YOU! Would it be possible, for the regex verification, to be able to mark as a spammer, instead of putting the content under moderation review? That would be amazing! Thanks again,
  3. Hi, Can't download version 1.0.3… when I try the change log version with 1.0.3, this is the 1.0.4 I get. Could it be an IPS bug? Thanks
  4. Hi Andy, Thanks a lot for your answer. Is it maybe a feature you might want to add in a later version of IPS?
  5. Hi, I've had an answer by email, looks like the problem will be solved in a later version
  6. This project involves 7 IPS licences, I would love to have an answer… Thanks.
  7. Hi, Is it possible for a member during the registration process to choose a specific group? For instance, for a forum about cars, I could create the groups "Ferrai lovers", "Mercedes lovers", and "Lamborghini lovers". Each group has its own ACP settings (color, image, and so on.). When a user registers, is it possible for him to choose among the pre-defined groups? Thanks a lot,
  8. Hi, I have a project for a very important client, involving IPS Connect. This client wants to be able to use IPS Connect on multiple IPS installations… with external login handlers. On IPS 4.0, it was impossible to use an external login handler on different IPS Connect installations, using the same credentials (for instance, it was impossible to create an account using Facebook on a slave installation, after having created an account on the Master installation with the same Facebook account). ➡️ Is this issue solved with 4.1? If not, is it planned for a later version? Thanks for your help,
  9. Haha, a Star Wars poker version They play poker for sure on Tatooine!
  10. All by myself Thank you for your feedback! I've tried to optimize the layout by creating different reading levels, and a color code that is easy to remember. I hope it's not too flashy
  11. Thanks! Some members find it looks like a comic strip
  12. Hi there, We're really happy to have released an english version of our poker community Club Poker: The french version has been using Invision since 2008 (), and owing to IPS 4, we are now able to use IPS.Connect to create an english version of the community. We developed an application for our special needs (welcoming members, customizing profiles, widgets, tasks, adding embedded services…). The website content is managed in our own CMS, but it's tightly integrated with the IPS Suite (news comments, members' timezones…). IPS 4 is really handy to manage different versions of the website, it's easy to configure. The homepage: The forums:
  13. Same here on an iPhone 6 Plus!
  14. We hope the US will have a great re-birth for the online poker, as soon as the states will authorize online gaming… but that will take a few years