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  1. Pete how do i get Shoutbox?  I registered on Invisionfocus but I'm not receiving the validation email.  I registered same name there: Volstate

    1. IPS Modification

      IPS Modification

      i still not rebuilt it been super busy i will find time soon as take break from daily work to focus on shoutbox but can't provide any end date as my life just full on busy. I also validated your account so you will be seeing all forums as normal.

  2. The features are standings I don't know how much explaining is involved....they're just standings Raw, who owns the rights to this app...clearly said to get with @newbie LACto see if he would develop it...thereby giving him permission to develop it or upgrade it. If you read, u will also see Newbie said only 4 purchased it so he's basically saying it's not worth his time or at least thats how I comprehend it. As far as the My football app it's a bit more elaborate than what I need and just by glancing at it it looks like most things are done in IP Content which I don't have or use.
  3. So great...it's been abandoned...wonderful
  4. @newbie LAC I really hope you will upgrade or create an app like this one. It's very useful for posting standings on any game/sport forum
  5. Either one you like. I have a sports site and really need this app. Raw had customized it for me so I could list my own teams and logos and for hockey
  6. @newbie LAC would u be interested in doing this?
  7. Since it's been over a year since this developer has been on I sure wish someone would either take this over or make one just like it in time for football season.
  8. Are animated awards possible with this app? I have awards that turn side to side and have a sparkling effect....will they work?
  9. Any update Raw?
  10. Excellent! As soon as i upgrade in the next month or so I will be buying this. Thank you!!
  11. Any updates on this or could someone create one just like this for 4.1?
  12. Wondering this as well. Update?
  13. If I upgrade my site from 3.9 to 4.1 where I currently use [HQ] Awards....will I lose all my awards that I have already awarded when i convert to this app?