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  1. I don't have it set to make posts upon welcoming people in. I'd much rather it be added so it can just go straight to the Chatbox like it did in the previous version
  2. That's a yes @Mike John! You can include it
  3. @onlyME does it support 3rd part messages?
  4. Can this be set to display a users awards from the Iawards app?
  5. Any chance this can be made to post a welcome message in Chatbox like it did in IPB 3
  6. Yes, pane display shows fine on the default theme just not my custom theme. Is there something within the css that i need to look for to make it display correctly? I'm guessing my awards are showing blurry because my awards are 16x16px and the app resizes them.
  7. Still not showing in the pane display no matter what I do...
  8. Ok raw I updated all permissions so all the awards are showing now. However, I can't get the awards to show in the pane display even though I have enabled it. Whenever I enable in the post display the awards show but they appear blurry and are listed vertically. What can I do for the awards to not be blurry, show horizontal, and get to show in the pane display?
  9. Raw I'm using a custom theme from IBskin. I purchased your app...installed it...and upgraded from HQ awards. It seems to have imported everything but when you look at the award list from the forum nothing shows up. Is there an additional step I have to take? I also can't get the awards pane to show in topic view. Can you help me out? ?
  10. Pete how do i get Shoutbox?  I registered on Invisionfocus but I'm not receiving the validation email.  I registered same name there: Volstate

    1. IPS Modification

      IPS Modification

      i still not rebuilt it been super busy i will find time soon as take break from daily work to focus on shoutbox but can't provide any end date as my life just full on busy. I also validated your account so you will be seeing all forums as normal.

  11. The features are standings I don't know how much explaining is involved....they're just standings Raw, who owns the rights to this app...clearly said to get with @newbie LACto see if he would develop it...thereby giving him permission to develop it or upgrade it. If you read, u will also see Newbie said only 4 purchased it so he's basically saying it's not worth his time or at least thats how I comprehend it. As far as the My football app it's a bit more elaborate than what I need and just by glancing at it it looks like most things are done in IP Content which I don't have or use.
  12. So great...it's been abandoned...wonderful
  13. @newbie LAC I really hope you will upgrade or create an app like this one. It's very useful for posting standings on any game/sport forum
  14. Either one you like. I have a sports site and really need this app. Raw had customized it for me so I could list my own teams and logos and for hockey
  15. @newbie LAC would u be interested in doing this?