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  1. Hello, Please tell me in 3.2, will fix the problem with the tabs in the user profile?
  2. Vadim rullezzz :)

  3. Happy birthday, Ivan )

  4. With a name like vadim do you really think i won't ? :P i can't read and write but i do understand so if you write down something in russian i won't be able to read it but if you tell me what you wrote i will understand. :)

  5. Hi :) Do you speak russian ? My name is Ivan :)

  6. Happy Birthday Josh :).

  7. я говорю, чиво такой злой на фото)

  8. эт у тя неделю назад сервер упал шоль?)

  9. а есть где ты постарше?)

  10. где же твое фото то увидеть мона?)

  11. Ага тебя тоже

  12. c добрым утром)

  13. IPS Resources back online

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