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  1. I've noted this and will take another look while working through IPB 4.1.14 updates. Please let me know if your available to test out any possible patches.
  2. What theme is that? Is it possible to view it in operation?
  3. On the view all donations page? Or can you point me to where you can currently search by members like that?
  4. I should be able to include both in the very next release. PM Sent.
  5. No not currently. Only basic support for the forums app currently.
  6. Plugin has been updated with a few very minor bug fixes.
  7. I've just released v1.6.0, with the following changes: A few small bug fixes and feature inclusions. Introduction of topic thumbnail option. With the ability to display a thumbnail of a topics first image.
  8. Still working on a new version just in case there are further changes to the urls like IPB 4.1.12 introduced.
  9. What version of IPB4 are you currently using? I'm currently working on a bug fixing round for all my apps, the News app being one of them. Nothing present now but I have been working on something similar for my Portal app, so will see if I can utilize the same code in the News app and include it in an upcoming release. Can you PM me a screenshot and will see what can be adjusted?
  10. No currently and probably not likely in the near future. IPB4 now includes it's own sidebar poll widget, so I'm deciding whether there is still enough interest to continue adding new features.
  11. I've just put together v3.1.13.1 that includes a fix for the above sql error. This was part of a custom request that I decided to include in the release if others found it useful. I guess some may not find any use for sending donation amounts from member to member but I have included permissions so the new feature can be disabled if not needed.
  12. I've noted this and will try to include in the next update. To help me troubleshoot this, can you tell me if you have the same issue when you create an account through the acp? I've got no reports of this yet but will check when I do my bug fixing round for IPB 4.1.14.
  13. I'll rush out an urgent update to fix this tomorrow. It should leave a "(Sent to {username})" note after the message was sent. But this looks like another bug. I'll check and include this in the next update.
  14. Confirmed, when you say other pages. Do you mean view item as well?
  15. Assuming your using a recent version of IPB4, that code is still working for me and I'm unable to reproduce this. I'll need ftp and acp login details to troubleshoot further.