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  1. Just to rule out the obvious, your using both the latest version of this plugin and IPB4? Can you pm me login details to take a look? I'm currently no able to reproduce this locally.
  2. In the widget and the tab set to "all time"?
  3. No not currently. But I will note this and see what's possible next release. I've had this suggested a few times now and thinking about it more, it should be possible to include the form in a widget.
  4. It looks like IPB 4.1.16 made some changes to both embed and thumbnail generation. I've put together a bug report with included patches here. The next version of the Videos app that fixes all this should be done within a week.
  5. I assume the above reply helped but if not, make sure you follow this install guide - http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tutorials/article/162-install-application-guide/ I'll note it for the next version and I should be able to get it included in the next few weeks. Assuming you haven't made any changes, I just checked the code and it should already be setting the "system" flag as true.
  6. What version of the Collections app are you currently using? v2.0.10 should have modified the categories database table to fix this error.
  7. I've added additional patches and an additional patch to fix some issues that IPB 4.1.16 caused. http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tracker/issue-1562-topic-video-forum-perm-check-issue/ http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tracker/issue-1566-topic-video-oembed-related-fatal-error/
  8. I'm sorry, I was mistakenly thinking it already supported the editor field. I've noted this for the next version. If you don't mind some test edits, I should be able to provide a patch some time next week.
  9. I believe this bug patch will fix this issue. If you need help patching, please PM me ftp login details.
  10. I know Kevin helped add "Rules" support but I don't believe there was any work done for the Collab app. I might be missing something but if so, please refresh my memory.
  11. Do you have any other apps installed? Can you check if the same behavior occurs? Either this is an IPB4 bug or something unique to the Portal app itself. I'll check the later as soon as I get home.
  12. Provided it supports 3rd party messages, I don't see why not. Check with the author and I might be able to include in the soon to be released next version.
  13. As in a facebook feed instead as the "share image"? No not currently in this version.
  14. Are you adding your formatting to the "Donation Note" setting? Because it should pretty much use the existing setting and display it's html in the widget.
  15. Was ajax used to load that particular part or was it a normal page load?