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  1. This plugin has been updated with a few more minor bug fixes.
  2. I can't explain why then, can you try one other thing? Edit one of those affected topics and remove all but a few words from the text. Just see if that changes the aspect on the image.
  3. Thanks, you can remove it now if you wanted. The later. I use the DateInterval function to add 7 days, 30 days or 365 days to the current date.
  4. Could I get a copy of the full version of any image your having issues with so I can test them a bit more on my own forums?
  5. The best way would be with the "Donation Auto Reset". This clears new donations and recalculates the status of goals for donations made after X selected date. If you need a demo setup to see it in operation, just let me know.
  6. I noticed a few images on page 1 that appear to be loading fine. I assume they don't load the same when you view? Is this limited to any specific image like this one or for all images?
  7. Confirmed here, I've included a patch if you wanted to fix this right now.
  8. Is that percentage increasing over time? I see you've already sent me a pm also. Would it be possible for you to include acp login details so I can take a look?
  9. Could I have more details or a screenshot of the error their getting? Reply sent, I think there might be a conflict with another app.
  10. I've just updated this app with several more bug fixes and minor features additions. See full list of bug fixes here.
  11. My limited understanding of css is that it should only set a "max" dimension and if below should still use the images natural dimensions. If your Portal publicly available? If so, I wouldn't mind viewing it and ruling out any client side issues on your end. I recently worked on another site with the Portal installed and the image loaded fine with a custom theme as well.
  12. The next bug fixing update should be released within a week or two max. If there is any particular bug your waiting on, please let me know and I'll see if I can provide a temp patch.
  13. Thanks, I've noted a bug report for this and will take a look at this soon as I'm currently working my way through bug fixing updates now. The time based options are loaded a little differently then the all time option. Using the "basicpoints_logs" table instead as it contains a timestamp to filter with. Is it possible to get acp access or a copy of your basicpoints_logs database table so I can check over why it's not accurate?
  14. Thanks, noted for next release.
  15. I've just updated this plugin with a few minor bug fixes and the addition of grid view and group permission support.