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  1. If you search the collections > front > widgets > collectionsItems template for <</span> and replace with </span>
  2. This might actually be a bug then. It should be checking for form submissions from specific forms if you've got a wait time set per form. Do you have ftp access to your forums? If so, I should be able to put together a temporary patch for this.
  3. Yes. Removing all goals will have donations tied to nothing.
  4. I believe this patch should fix this issue. Please apply this patch.
  5. I don't have any ETA right now. Will provide one as soon as it's possible.
  6. If this is for the latest goals widget. See acp > theme editor > donate > front > widgets > donateGoals. Find and change: <span class='ipsType_normal'>{$goal->_title}</span> Without knowing your themes css code, it's a bit hard to know exactly what changes to make from here. I'd need access to the theme. To add bold, add ipsType_bold to the class.
  7. This plugin currently only supports posts. I'll note private messages for a future version.
  8. PM sent.
  9. Reply sent.
  10. I had some issues with passing that from the widget to donate page but will revisit and see if possible now. If you don't require the "donate changes" functionality, the easiest way to remove it and the tab would be to disable the "Can moderate totals?" group permission in the Donate area.
  11. Are you comfortable testing a new beta build? If so, PM me and will organize the latest version. Alternatively, if you can provide acp and ftp login details I can run through the rebuild tool for you.
  12. Makes/models are included specifically for previous users of the Garage app in IPB 3.4. Both apps were merged in IPB4, so I thought it was best to keep makes/models. But categories is where the actual sorting of items takes place. Categories support unlimited levels and would be primary for sorting your item into different areas. Makes and models are then just another level that are displayed across all categories. If you still need further clarification, just let me know. Changes the dropdown select to an input field where they actually enter the make or model.
  13. Thanks for reporting, noted for next bug fixing update. As part of the existing donation process? So they click donate, select goal and it redirects there instead of continuing with donation? Wouldn't that just add another step as they have to click donate again from the goal page?
  14. I need access to the new theme to see what it does differently to the standard theme. I can then update it to work with both.
  15. Can you send me more details on the theme your using? Either a copy of acp access to where it's installed.