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  1. So the app is built outside of IPB4? What kind of integration with IPB does it have now?
  2. I would highly recommend waiting as this latest version includes quite a few improvements. Should probably be ready some time next week. No 404 support but I'll see if it can be included before the next release.
  3. What's the exact version of IPB4 your using? There was a change recently in one of the later ones.
  4. Ignore my pm reply then. I use IPB4's own custom fields so you'll need to modify them if you want to change a fields description placement. Open acp > theme editor > core > front > forms > row I believe moving the "{$desc|raw}" code above the "{$element|raw}" code should position how you described.
  5. 2) Just to clarify. None being setup by you or secondary group promotions not happening? The best way would be to setup a single common goal and have the donation reset on the 1st of every month instead. The goal would be setup to run all the time but the donations would reset instead and show 0 donations at the start of the month for the goal.
  6. Probably not for some weeks now but PM me and I can put together a patch for yourself.
  7. There is currently no integration with the Commerce app but it would be the next logical feature in any major release rather then a dedicated points store.
  8. I've been able to reproduce this, just seeing if I can provide a temporary patch now rather then you having to wait until the next version. Edit: Bug report and patch here.
  9. Yes if you could PM me acp and ftp login details. I've recently overhauled the rebuild code to be a LOT more stable and would like to apply the changes and check the rebuild in progress.
  10. Noted for next version. Could you please either take a screenshot of your current reward settings or PM me acp access so I can check over for any obvious issues with your settings?
  11. Could you please post in the IPB4 support topic for the Portal? Just makes it easier to keep each version separate. I'm probably going to need either access to or a copy of your theme to see how it changes the widget title bar.
  12. I don't have the Groups app, I'll need either a willing volunteer to test some code to patch this or access to a forum with both apps installed. As in the "Form Logs" area does not work with upload fields? Could you send me an export of your form_fields database table so I can test out the various field types your using?
  13. Try removing and then re-adding the status widget. Any change then?
  14. I've checked this over and I can commit it will be added. But I can't provide an estimate on the next update.
  15. Could you PM me a screenshot or sql export of your donate_users database table please? Or better yet, acp login details so I can look over a few of your settings. Right now it's setup to add the additional secondary group and not completely replace it. That seems to be the proffered setup among users of this app but I might look at adding a setting to toggle this differently. In the mean time, would you be fine with testing a file edit to do it how you want instead? If so, PM me.