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  1. I'll note this for the next version. It should be ready next week. There have been some issues reported, so it's not 100% yet.
  2. Keep an eye out for the next update as there are a few more bugs I want to clear up.
  3. I've just updated this app with several crucial bug fixes and compatibility with IPB 4.1.16. See full list of bug fixes here.
  4. Yes please, a video or screenshots would help track this down. I've had a quick look on my test board and not seeing any issues like this. I may also need a copy of that other plugin to see if there is anything conflict between them.
  5. Both that and authorize are high priorities for the next major version. No ETA on that. Ignoring what you see in the setting itself after saving, is the correct PM sender set in PMs?
  6. No the code itself has that set and should be send as "system" personal messages. Are the personal messages filling up your sent box or something like that?
  7. No neither version supports that currently. Only new topics are created.
  8. If you've recently update the app, you'll need to go through and ensure the settings are correct as a recent version of IPB4 forced a change on how a few settings are stored. If your still having an issue, can you take a complete screenshot of your birthday settings and I'll try and reproduce it locally.
  9. I'll need acp login details to look and a rough idea of what your expected values are for this? There was a change recently to how those top points for week/month/year are calculated.
  10. Just to rule out the obvious, your using both the latest version of this plugin and IPB4? Can you pm me login details to take a look? I'm currently no able to reproduce this locally.
  11. In the widget and the tab set to "all time"?
  12. No not currently. But I will note this and see what's possible next release. I've had this suggested a few times now and thinking about it more, it should be possible to include the form in a widget.
  13. It looks like IPB 4.1.16 made some changes to both embed and thumbnail generation. I've put together a bug report with included patches here. The next version of the Videos app that fixes all this should be done within a week.
  14. I assume the above reply helped but if not, make sure you follow this install guide - http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tutorials/article/162-install-application-guide/ I'll note it for the next version and I should be able to get it included in the next few weeks. Assuming you haven't made any changes, I just checked the code and it should already be setting the "system" flag as true.
  15. What version of the Collections app are you currently using? v2.0.10 should have modified the categories database table to fix this error.