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  1. What kind of donations are they? eCheck? Yes. Thanks, noted as bug for next version. I'll note both, as good additions. I can provide custom edits for the first one if needed more urgently.
  2. Yes. I'd like to see more interest in this before committing to it. Custom placement of fields in form? Or placement of form in other custom pages?
  3. That might be an issue as the logs are used to calculate the points over a time period. I might need to clear the logs past x date in order to do that.
  4. Yeah I might need to check this over on your end. The plugin shouldn't alter the original status.
  5. Well I need to know which side of the form and more details on what your trying to do? Then if a patch is possible I can put it together, otherwise it will need to be something written into the next major version.
  6. On the display side of the form or some math sum calculation needed on the form submission/processing? Both are currently not possible but depending on what your trying to do, I might be able to put together some patch.
  7. Could i please get acp access to the theme editor and plugin areas? I'll have to take a look as to why it's not loading.
  8. Try this additional template edit in the same one Find: data-ipsTruncate-type='remove' Replace With: data-ipsTruncate-type='hide' Save. For this particular plugin you won't need to add anything as it will hook into your existing "Status Reply" widget. Just make sure you've added the default one and you'll see the new "Add Reply" link.
  9. I'd be interested to know what other users of this thought but I will log it for now.
  10. As in a form submission gives a member a bump in reputation or reputation support in the form logs (like button in form log message)?
  11. Can you give me an example of the kind of content your testing with in the status replies? When you say embed link, are you trying to have full Youtube embedded videos show in the status reply?
  12. No, not yet. It's a planned feature but still some time away before new features are added.
  13. Can you try this. Open acp > theme editor > core > global > plugins > statusReply Find: {$comment->truncated()|raw} Replace With: {$comment->content|raw} Save. That should keep the truncate but not strip out html from the text.
  14. Noted for the next version.
  15. Not currently but it was a feature of IPB 3 and something I'm looking to re-add as soon as I can free up some time to start on new features again. Well my testing produced that affect. At this stage, if the debugging is not showing changes I would double check your edits were applied and view the source code itself to make sure as well.