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  1. I've just updated this app with several more bug fixes and minor features additions. See full list of bug fixes here.
  2. My limited understanding of css is that it should only set a "max" dimension and if below should still use the images natural dimensions. If your Portal publicly available? If so, I wouldn't mind viewing it and ruling out any client side issues on your end. I recently worked on another site with the Portal installed and the image loaded fine with a custom theme as well.
  3. The next bug fixing update should be released within a week or two max. If there is any particular bug your waiting on, please let me know and I'll see if I can provide a temp patch.
  4. Thanks, I've noted a bug report for this and will take a look at this soon as I'm currently working my way through bug fixing updates now. The time based options are loaded a little differently then the all time option. Using the "basicpoints_logs" table instead as it contains a timestamp to filter with. Is it possible to get acp access or a copy of your basicpoints_logs database table so I can check over why it's not accurate?
  5. Thanks, noted for next release.
  6. I've just updated this plugin with a few minor bug fixes and the addition of grid view and group permission support.
  7. I've just released v2.0.10 that fixes several more bugs and ensures compatibility with the latest version of IPB4 once again.
  8. Were there any other error codes with that error? All text should be covered in the language manager. In this particular case, look for the "block_pointsTopPoints" language string.
  9. See acp > theme editor > portal > front > browse > topicRow Find: <img src='{$firstImage}' class='ipsPos_right ipsThumb ipsThumb_large ipsResponsive_hidePhone' /> Make sure you don't see anything like "ipsThumb_bg" in there. I assume that even the default theme does the same thing?
  10. I've noted this as a bug and will patch in the upcoming release. If your available for testing, I can see about putting some patches. (PM me.) Probably towards end of 1st week of October.
  11. Find and delete applications/donate/extensions/Profile/ folder. The code for the donation pm should be easily transferable to the promotion pm. I'll note this for the next version to be included. I haven't really considered a warning notice before. It's a bit more complicated and might be a few more versions before I could add anything like that but none the less will note it for a major version.
  12. The closest feature to that would be the "Top Points" widget at the moment.
  13. Have you made any changes to the portal template yet? I did a little testing on this before and was sure it was somewhat adaptive to different aspect ratios. Can you confirm your using the latest version of the Portal app? This should of been fixed in the most recent version.
  14. I've noted for next version. Unfortunately, right now you will need to manually remove the file. But a setting of some sort should be possible in a future version.