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  1. It it possible to get either a copy of the theme or acp access to the theme editor. I'm not noticing any issues in IPB but I'll need to see if the theme is using different css in the topic view.
  2. Can you PM me the original topic your having an issue on?
  3. I'm working through bug fixing updates now. Will add this to the list and see if IPB 4.1.14 affected this plugin.
  4. I've just released a patched version that should clear up all these "donation changes" related sql errors. Open acp > theme editor > donate > front > global > topicView Find: <i class="fa fa-dollar"></i> Replace With: <i class="fa fa-gbp"></i> I'll have to see if that's possible.
  5. I'm very sorry for the hassle, I'm just rushing out another urgent update to fix this. Should be up tomorrow. I assume you mean every where it's displayed in the Donations app or any location in particular?
  6. Try to rule out a css issue first. If you view the source code of the topic and view the css link near the top. Can you see any reference to something like this or the highlight.css file? :target + .cPost { background: {setting="highlightLinkedPosts_colour"} !important; border-color: {setting="highlightLinkedPosts_border"} {setting="highlightLinkedPosts_border"} {setting="highlightLinkedPosts_border"} {setting="highlightLinkedPosts_border"}; } :target + .cPost aside { background: {setting="highlightLinkedPosts_colour"} !important; }
  7. Noted, thank you.
  8. I've noted this and will take another look while working through IPB 4.1.14 updates. Please let me know if your available to test out any possible patches.
  9. What theme is that? Is it possible to view it in operation?
  10. On the view all donations page? Or can you point me to where you can currently search by members like that?
  11. I should be able to include both in the very next release. PM Sent.
  12. No not currently. Only basic support for the forums app currently.
  13. Plugin has been updated with a few very minor bug fixes.
  14. I've just released v1.6.0, with the following changes: A few small bug fixes and feature inclusions. Introduction of topic thumbnail option. With the ability to display a thumbnail of a topics first image.
  15. Still working on a new version just in case there are further changes to the urls like IPB 4.1.12 introduced.