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  1. I've just released a new version of the Donations app that ensures compatibility with IPB 4.1.14, as well as several more bug fixes included. This version also includes a new "Donation Transfer" widget to allow transfer of a users donation total between members as well as logging/moderator of those transfers. I've attached some screenshots of how this new feature works.
  2. Can you me the modified file mentioned in that page so I can check over your edit? I'm not able to reproduce this issue locally.
  3. Noted all. I did have a custom request for a few of those but that hasn't really progressed further. But I'll still consider adding them as default features when I begin work on new features again.
  4. Catching up with PMs now. I should be able to include all the recent bug fixes in 1 go.
  5. There shouldn't be for PHP 7, are you getting any kind of errors on your end? I'm working on a mass bug fixing update for all my apps and plugins now. Will have it included in the next few weeks.
  6. I'm currently working on a new version to fix this.
  7. I've confirmed this and working on a new version now to fix this.
  8. In case I missed this, I logged it again and should be able to squeeze it in the upcoming update. Can you try adding a new video this time and report how that goes?
  9. No, not yet.
  10. I've noted this as a bug to include in the next version. You can view a manual patch here if you want to manually fix sooner.
  11. IPB4 includes a css class that may be of use here. <li class='ipsPos_right'>{number="$topic->views"} Views</li>
  12. That wasn't really a concern for me and can provide a file patch if technically possible. But from my brief view, it looks like it's a bit more complex to achieve and I'd need more time before I could work on this. That applies for new features or custom requests both alike.
  13. I'll note this for the next version. From memory I believe I provided an edit for this but it was never included in the actual release.
  14. The Rules app author has added some basic support to another app of mine so yes in theory it should be possible.
  15. If you select forums, it should be only displaying in that forum. Are you using the default hook or have you added a widget?