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  1. Really... what should IPS do againts it? If some a**holes come up again in germany and prevent you coming to germany (what will hopefully never happen), what a individual / company should do ...
  2. As an European/German people, i really thought a lot of about this these days, i am also very active in politics (yes, i am member of the CDU, thats Angela Merkel's party )... In my hometown here in Germany / Stuttgart, we have a lot of Americans... i loved the USA and Americans since my childhood... i visited the armybases because i always played with my friends (Baseball, Basektball yeah) and they got all that NTSC-Videos, great sweets and...YEAH, the best BBQ... But the most important thing: They was my friends.... AND THEY ARE STILL MY BEST FRIENDS. After the election of the new presidendt, i had A LOT of discussions with US-People here and we came to one point: WHY should ONE MAN kill all this ? NEVER! I am not interested, if someone was voting T*** or not or if a company supports him or not. He MAY hurt the industies, but he WILL NEVER HURT FRIENDSHIPS! I LOVE ALL MY AMERICAN GALS AND GUYS AND LOOKING FORWARD TO VISIT YOU THIS YEAR (And i am sure, a lot of you will be here in Stuttgart, again ) FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS! And IPS always treated me like a friend....
  3. No google-option for me, also:
  4. You should find this here: I used the "Get an eMail...." Option and that worked for me....
  5. Just tried it and it also happened to me if i access the alternative contacts... I also was asked the question in which street i gew up and never used this questions (i know the name of the street, but did not use it). I used "use other verifiation method" and used "Restore account access" - now it's working again (without asking question). I will set it to use Google Auth. now
  6. Thanks IPS for fixing this. I was able to upgrade all my licenses... Just got one left i am not able to upgrade. This seems to be something individual and there is a discussion about that in a ticket. All good Thanks again ...
  7. @Charles Not a good thing, but not that worse... But i am unable to login to a small site connected by IPS-Connect - and that's worse in my eyes . Ticket #973549
  8. I also have some Login-Issues with some IPS-Connected sites. I am pretty sure, they will fix the issue....But i really would love to login to my ACP (i don'tknow, if this is the same issue... i also opened a ticet because of that issue) Thanks in advanced
  9. Ok, i think their licensesserver is doing some nasty things
  10. Wow, ok, so i am not alone.... thanks for your reply.... This REALLY should not happen to a software priced at this... All my free Wordpress-Sites are UP.... HMMM, IPS... HELLO? ANYBODY THERE ?
  11. All my license got There is a problem with your license key. You billed all my licenses and Creditcard... So.....HELLO MANAGMENT.... You got my money... it's OUR TURN NOW! ASAP! (Yes, i opened tickets)
  12. Great, i did switch some of my sites to "complete https:" because of that "google warnings", my suites still working fine on https I noticed, that they are still listed with "http://" in my ACP ("IPS-License Key") and in the Client-Area on - is this fine or will this cause problems (License, Autoupgrader, etc)? Thanks
  13. ...and mine..definitely....
  14. Wow, i really like the various options... I don't like 2FA on every aspect, but on critical tasks... So, i want exactly what you added so far.... Big thanks
  15. 1. No 2. Yes, you are able to install it on any domainname,,,or have a "normal" URL and link them by shorten URLs 3. Most features are available in the demo... There is a difference between self-hosted and CiC - to answer this question completely, we need to know in what you are interested - self hosted or CiC. BTW: I think you are from germany... If you wish, contact me in german in a private Conversation - i am happy to help you with any question about IPS4 (no supportquestions until you are in the client group ) (and i also created the german languagepack for IPS4 available here on the marketplace or on my own site (see sig) for free )