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  1. As mentioned, the frontend is complete (if you find something, feel free to report it and we will fix it ASAP), most parts of the ACP are also translated, but you will find some phrases in english. Same for the ACP: If you find something "important" for you, just report it and we will translate it (if it's not yet in the next update ) The site uses ChatBox, thats an addon for IPS4 available here: This app is also translated and available in german:
  2. Hi @RichiNbg as the leadtranslator of the unofficial german languagepack for IPS4, i am happy to answer you some of your questions This is correct, the only official languagepack is english (US) - all others are unofficial Our german translation includes all apps of the IPS-Suite. Just two notes: - We focus on the Userfrontend - this should be complete - you may have a look at - this site runs the version of the languagepack you are able t download FOR FREE, after you bought a license for IPS4. Most parts off the ACP are also in german - but our maingoal is the frontend... For now, we continue the translation of the AdminCP, because we have nothing to do at the frontend - Our pack is informal ("du")... We don't have much request for a formal version, so we don't have plans for such a pack - if you interested in a formal ("Sie") version, feel free to vote for it. You will also see the calendar installed on the site linked above (all apss installed on this site), but the best way would be to use the demo Yes, IPS.Chat will be shout down on 1 May 2017. Keep in mind, that this is the only IPS-Hosted-App for CiC and self-hosted Customers. This means, even if you keep the Chat-App installed, it will not work after 1. May 2017. Where exist a customer-discussion about alternatives - linking this topic will not help you for now, because you don't have access to this area of the forums before buying a license. I this is important for you, i am happy to tell you the discussed software in a private Conversations here or on my site (this is not a IPS-releated topic, so the Pre-Sales-forum is the wrong place). The suite is pretty complete, but you will also find a lot of extensions... Just tell us, what you are searching or missing and we will have a look - at this time, i am misssing nothing on my sites That said, feel free to conact me in german in a private Conversation - i am happy to assist you - sometimes it's easier to talk in the native language (this happend many times )
  3. Really... what should IPS do againts it? If some a**holes come up again in germany and prevent you coming to germany (what will hopefully never happen), what a individual / company should do ...
  4. As an European/German people, i really thought a lot of about this these days, i am also very active in politics (yes, i am member of the CDU, thats Angela Merkel's party )... In my hometown here in Germany / Stuttgart, we have a lot of Americans... i loved the USA and Americans since my childhood... i visited the armybases because i always played with my friends (Baseball, Basektball yeah) and they got all that NTSC-Videos, great sweets and...YEAH, the best BBQ... But the most important thing: They was my friends.... AND THEY ARE STILL MY BEST FRIENDS. After the election of the new presidendt, i had A LOT of discussions with US-People here and we came to one point: WHY should ONE MAN kill all this ? NEVER! I am not interested, if someone was voting T*** or not or if a company supports him or not. He MAY hurt the industies, but he WILL NEVER HURT FRIENDSHIPS! I LOVE ALL MY AMERICAN GALS AND GUYS AND LOOKING FORWARD TO VISIT YOU THIS YEAR (And i am sure, a lot of you will be here in Stuttgart, again ) FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS! And IPS always treated me like a friend....
  5. No google-option for me, also:
  6. You should find this here: I used the "Get an eMail...." Option and that worked for me....
  7. Just tried it and it also happened to me if i access the alternative contacts... I also was asked the question in which street i gew up and never used this questions (i know the name of the street, but did not use it). I used "use other verifiation method" and used "Restore account access" - now it's working again (without asking question). I will set it to use Google Auth. now
  8. Thanks IPS for fixing this. I was able to upgrade all my licenses... Just got one left i am not able to upgrade. This seems to be something individual and there is a discussion about that in a ticket. All good Thanks again ...
  9. @Charles Not a good thing, but not that worse... But i am unable to login to a small site connected by IPS-Connect - and that's worse in my eyes . Ticket #973549
  10. I also have some Login-Issues with some IPS-Connected sites. I am pretty sure, they will fix the issue....But i really would love to login to my ACP (i don'tknow, if this is the same issue... i also opened a ticet because of that issue) Thanks in advanced
  11. Ok, i think their licensesserver is doing some nasty things
  12. Wow, ok, so i am not alone.... thanks for your reply.... This REALLY should not happen to a software priced at this... All my free Wordpress-Sites are UP.... HMMM, IPS... HELLO? ANYBODY THERE ?
  13. All my license got There is a problem with your license key. You billed all my licenses and Creditcard... So.....HELLO MANAGMENT.... You got my money... it's OUR TURN NOW! ASAP! (Yes, i opened tickets)
  14. Great, i did switch some of my sites to "complete https:" because of that "google warnings", my suites still working fine on https I noticed, that they are still listed with "http://" in my ACP ("IPS-License Key") and in the Client-Area on - is this fine or will this cause problems (License, Autoupgrader, etc)? Thanks
  15. ...and mine..definitely....