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  1. Bookmarks / Favorites

    Yes, such an app is under development and will be released on the marketplace soon - stay tuned
  2. Quizzes

    Not yet, but i am pretty sure we got that sorted soon
  3. Quizzes

    Like mentioned in our PM, i bought the app and also would like to test it on 4.2 (Don't have access to the quizzesarea on your forums yet)
  4. Links Directory

    Yep, thats what my passwordmanager had on file, but no luck: The Display Name or Email Address you entered does not belong to any account. Make sure that it is typed correctly. (Tried by the passwordmanager and typed it manually...)
  5. Links Directory

    Is the right address i have on file for the supportboard? Can't login there so far - have to check my passwords, if this is the right place. If not, please provide the right address here or via PM. Thanks a lot again!
  6. Links Directory

    Would love to test it...
  7. Aufstieg und schon sooooooooo feiern,dass man sogar das Avatar wechselt?:D

    1. TheSonic


      Ja, die kommende Woche ist rot-weiss bei uns :):wub: Feiern tun wir schon seit gestern xDxD






  8. Thanks for testing 4.2

    It is :
  9. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    I run Pro(s) and it integrates very well... The author is also a nice guy and very helpful if you run in trouble
  10. what's your dream IPB feature?

    Videos in the gallery
  11. New installation is a nightmare!

    I did a new install a few weeks ago with 4.19.x and last with the the 4.2.0 alphas... Well, it didn't take that long.A minute for the databasequeries - or less? Updates take a few seconds. I am on mariadb 10.1.x '
  12. ACP Languages

    Yes, this is really a problem. I translated IPS4 since the early previewversions and take old stuff with me since that days. Would be nice to have an option to clean things up... Sometimes i did some cleanup deleting stuff directly form the XML of the languagefile... But thats a pain....
  13. Is it best to start up a demo/test?

    I would start it after you have SOME content (not all, but not less) and open it and add the rest of your content step by step. People will it see growing and are motivated to help/post. Just my 2 cent
  14. Hi, this subject has been occupying me for a while, but i got no final answers yet, so i will make this topic public. In 2015 (around the final release of 4.0) i uploaded my translationpack for IPS 4... This contained the IPS-Logo (The "V") and a german flag in the picture in the marketplace... I received a message from IPS, (from @Rhett ) requesting to remove the logo because of copyright, etc.Off course, i respected this and removed the logo. I replied and he told me, every "unofficial" / 3rd Party was requested to remove the logo... Ok, i was fine with this.... Today, 2 years later, 90% of the stuff still uses the logo and... Hm, nothing happend... I am fine removing it, because this are the rules - but it's not fair seeing others doing what they want and not following the rules... (So, why should i ?! I offer my work for free and it takes a lot of time translating stuff....) Please tell me, whats the status of this ... Thank you.
  15. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    Time to say Good bye