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  1. Logging in will log out all other devices

    I stay logged in on multiple devices just fine, as long as I don't try and log in to those multiple devices within the same 24 hour window. After 24 hours, you can log into a second device, and the 1st will remain.
  2. Filters for forum indexes

    Or the addition of any filters here takes you TO an AS with the requested filters. AS is the far more powerful cousin to forum filters, I don't see a reason to facilitate a second method to do this, but I do see benefit in adding filters that create the custom AS's for you.
  3. Utilize the REST API.
  4. Say what now? Files are files... If they were corrupt, you wouldn't have gotten through install. This comment is just plain non-sense. I ran 2 updates yesterday, both took less than 90 seconds. Being on shared hosting, you don't know what else was going on with the server when you were running your install. Some other site on the server could have been eating all the processing power and forcing you to wait. The server could have been under a DDOS attack because of another client on the server. Only your host could tell you what happened by looking at the logs.
  5. If you had to keep reloading the page, that makes me think that your browser was blocking javascript and you were using the fallback query string multi-redirect instead of AJAX redirects.
  6. New: Two Factor Authentication

    Doubtful. IPS only employs security questions to recover an account. They don't use 2FA here. In your case, you said they accessed your server via the FTP details they got here in your IPS account. This doesn't help you with 2FA on your server itself, only your website login.
  7. IPChat - News?

    If you don't have an active license, you don't have access to Chat... What's the problem? I think the Client Lounge is an apt place to put such a notice as your reaching your intended audience and no one else. I don't think it's fair to ask IPS to parade around everywhere announcing the retirement of a product to their detriment. They reached their intended audience, those that currently had access to Chat, and created an avenue for clients to discuss alternatives.
  8. The first one is right, it's less than a year ago, so the specific date is shown. The second, is greater than 1 year, but less than 2 years. So it's a year old, because noting just the month and day is reserved for just the previous 365 days from today. Once you get beyond a year, the short date shows how many years old rather than the specific date. Are you saying you'd prefer them to say "Apr 15 '16" and "Jun 14 '15" instead of the fuzzy dates once you get past 1 year?
  9. What's the issue, looks fine to me.... On mobile view, there isn't room for the entire data under the user photo, so a short date is shown. Latest post was 2 years ago. Can you be more specific about what you see as a problem?
  10. REST API Endpoints

    Can the side conversion go elsewhere? REST API endpoints is the topic at hand, not if your marketplace apps become obsolete by IPS baking into an app / core.
  11. New: Calendar - Add Similar Event

    Cool, now I don't need to update my 3.x hook that did this. 😝
  12. Post your workstation

    All particle board desks suffer this over their lifetime... A big PITA and why it's always better to spend a little more now for a solid desk. That little extra can make a desk last you twice as long, or more. The Autonomous desk gives you a DIY option, where you can get your own top, they just give you the frame... I've seen some pretty cook DIY tops made from old solid doors or custom glass tops. That can get pricey though.
  13. Post your workstation

    Love the IKEA furniture... I have that bookshelf in the 5x5 version with the same red boxes. The desk in my pic is the IKEA sit/stand desk. There's someone else making one similar now... Autonomous, that's slightly cheaper depending on the model you choose.
  14. Post your workstation

    All you people with smart stuff that doesn't play with homekit... I introduce you to Homebridge. You're welcome. Lots of plugins available. I have mine connected to my Nest account and Liftmaster account so I can control my Nest and Garage door with Siri. It also connects to my Smart Things hub and lets me control my Cree LED's also.
  15. Post your workstation

    That's an adequate description of my desk also. It's the latter at the moment.. The picture I posted was from February last year when I set it up. You've got a standing desk, don't you? I seem to recall reading your blog about switching to a standing workstation a couple years ago... You kept with it?