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  1. I'm sure part of the idea here is to have two concurrent actions to delete something. Check-Delete. Web interfaces are different than a native app/client. There will be functional / usability differences.
  2. Google for it. There are a few github projects you can use that manage the interface with the google API. It's not too difficult to do, hooking into the login handler is the tricky part. I've been half working on Google Auth for a while now, just never put my head down and finished it. More power to you if you get to it first.
  3. It's a ways back on the to-do list. I'll look into shuffling it around.
  4. No, this only works on IP.Board 3.4.x. It has not yet been upgraded to IPS4. Per the note at the top of the file.
  5. This site used to be 'stock' look and feel to serve as a type of demo. That philosophy changed many months ago whereby IPS has stated this community now showcases some of the customization that can be done easily with their software. I can't find the post at the moment, but it's likely in this forum somewhere either posted by Charles or Lindy. Many of the aspects of this community are done with the Pages app. The News section, the Bug Tracker, Release Notes, and Guides are all done with Pages. In fact, within the Guides is a section that details how to build some of the IPS pages. The bug tracker has this in the sidebar, and I can confirm that it's a very basic usage of a Pages database. I've created one myself, for my own software, and it uses many of the same features and filters as the IPS Bug Tracker.
  6. Still a good ways from release. Here's a screenshot of some of the data that's been thrown on the page for a starting point. Still more data to come and then to make it purdy.
  7. ACP > Customization > Languages. Select 'translate' on your language and search for the English text you see on the page (minus the username) and it will find the string for you. I've done the hard part for you, it's status__update_placeholder_other I'm not sure about whether or not it's overwritten on upgrade.
  8. You can do this yourself by editing the language bit.
  9. This has pestered me too.
  10. @RevengeFNF Don't get me wrong, I use GA. I am simply explaining some of the issues I've run into that others will likely hit at some point. And I have a GA mod on my development roadmap for IPS4 if IPS doesn't do it first. If given the option of token vs SMS, personally, I would choose token every time. Like you've pointed out, it's 100% guarantee of code being available vs potential SMS delivery delay issues. Look at Steam, they've built their token into their own app rather than allowing GA or SMS service. Don't confuse my discussion with not liking GA and preferring SMS. I'm just pointing out the issues with GA that I, personally, have run into. I'd call myself technically apt, I have 2 Engineering degrees, but there are issues with any soft-token, including the ENTRUST soft-token I use at my day job.
  11. #1) If you lose your phone, you also lose your GA codes. No difference... Master code that someone may, or may not, have saved still applies. #2) If you have a paid sim card, and you don't have the capacity to receive messages, shame on your for asking for messages.
  12. Again, you're assuming everyplace also supports SMS and/or the user was diligent about saving their master code. I can poke holes in your ideal situation all day. The fact of the matter is GA isn't the end all-be all solution. It's easily available, easy to use, I agree. But it has other issues that SMS alone doesn't have. I can understand why IPS is wanting to go with the more end-user friendly SMS option first.
  13. @RevengeFNF Sure, once you get logged into your account. But if you don't have the old device, or it's been wiped already, you need to use the failsafe method to log in first... Then you can get a new QR code. When I get a new phone, transitioning my GA codes to the new phone isn't the first thing on my mind, and likely not the first thing on many others minds. Many may think their data will come over with their iCloud backup and nothing is lost.
  14. The problem with GA.... If you backup / restore your phone, and many cell providers want you to replace your phone every 12 months, you lose all your 2FA codes and have to re-insert them. GA codes aren't backed up with the app on iCloud, for obvious reasons, and thus a point of major headache. Just one more reason any type of recover system needs to be easy to use, but also robust. It will be used. Don't get me wrong, I use GA heavily (8 accounts), just pointing out one of its flaws and why many may choose an SMS system.
  15. See that dead horse you're still kicking? You've made your point, you don't like the messenger... And you've offered solutions... Be like Elsa, Let it Go...