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  1. 51000 Norwegians? They must either hold dual citizenship or still hold citizenship from one of the 7 countries and are legal residents of Norway. There's a big difference.
  2. I've already stated before. It's a polarizing topic. You mention 'grab your wallet' and some may choose to grab it and spend it elsewhere if they don't like IPS's stance. Can that be quantified, no. Neither side can quantify which stance would have what impact. But why risk it? This is just my opinion. The travel 'ban', which is actually a suspension, is for 7 countries that have either defunct governments or are wrought with terror. Only 7 countries. This has no impact on Norway or Germany. I've linked to the White House website in an earlier post with the full text of the immigration order. If you've not read it already, I'd encourage everyone to do so. It makes these discussions simpler if there's a source to separate fact from mass media opinion.
  3. Some of these companies are off-base, and it tells in the verbiage they use, like Muslim this or Muslim that. None of the Executive orders Trump have released have that word in them, anywhere. Many are reading between the lines and making out the order to be something it's not because they want a platform to stand on to oppose the opposite party. The right did it when the left held the presidency (mostly on gun related issues and ACA), and now the left is doing it to the right. Nothing really new, just status quo for politics I guess. My earlier post still applies about the masses being indoctrinated by the few that are spouting opinion and not fact. I really don't see anything to gain by announcing a position either way. I do appreciate the civility of this conversation, though.
  4. You're arguing against IPS taking a stance in your post... If they release an official stance that differs from someones views, they run the potential of losing peoples wallets. What is there for them to gain? Not much really... There is more to lose. So why play the gamble that is politics? Everyone is welcome to voicing their opinion. I think what these companies are doing, swaying the masses one way or another is unethical. Just like all the celebrities trying to tell everyone what they should believe. The few are indoctrinating the masses and many of the people in the masses aren't using their own judgement and thinking for themselves on issues. And before you paint me on one side or the other, both sides are equally guilty of this.
  5. I wouldn't hold your breath for an answer... Nothing good is to be gained from opening up a political debate or knowing the stance of any one staff member or the company as a whole.
  6. I wrote this exact thing in 3.4. I'll put it on my list of things to upgrade once I've gotten through my other major developments.
  7. Google Auth isn't an option.
  8. If you're on 4.1.18, upgrade to to get the IPS hotfix for this.
  9. All, there does appear to be an issue with profile view in 4.1.18. I'm looking into it and will be working with IPS to iron out what changed that's caused the layout to break. If you've already upgraded to 4.1.18, or you need to upgrade for a new feature, you can simply remove any instance of 'data-ipsGrid' from the steamProfile template. This is an integral part of the responsive design and will cause responsiveness to not function as optimally as I'd like. But it'll at least keep the layout of the page from breaking until a fix can be worked out.
  10. Once the user has been authenticated, you should have their member object available that will give you their group information.
  11. I think your point is that branding is everywhere and people are desensitized to it. They don't think twice about a copyright line.
  12. So long as you are willing to accept the answer that nothing will change, and you agreed to the Software License Agreement that details the requirement of said copyright.
  13. @Fandel, who is going to look at source files to find a copyright? Using @Lindy's example, they value the exposure of their current copyright at $500. If you want to hide it in the source code that copyright removal cost would either go up, or the opening cost of the software would go up. The age old debate of copyright removal and the added cost is an old one... Feel free to search around these forums and you'll find dozens of them. It typically devolves into a discussion of the value of the copyright, why does IPS need it there, yet that same site is trying to advertise themselves all over the place like any other business with an online presence. The epitome of hypocritical debates. You're getting all bent out of shape over a single line of text that's typically in the footer... How often do users actually scroll down that far on your site and read what's in the footer?
  14. It's still in development. I will have some news soon.
  15. Likely your web host has those ports blocked. You'll need to ask them. If you're IPS hosted, this app doesn't work on their servers.