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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, this topic, which was started in July 2015, is about the Push web technology support which was not available in IPS4 until version 4.1 came out in October the same year, but it's still tagged as 'Not Planned'? I know that the topic starter @RevengeFNF posted a reply in March this year, as can be seen in the below quote, asking about push notifications that support closed browser too.
  2. I find the autosave feature useful. If the connection to the server get lost while you are making or editing a post, you will be able to recover the content when you open the editor in the same topic. If it was a new topic you were creating, then you just have to start a new topic to recover the content for the topic that you were working on before the connection got lost. In both cases this should usually work, but there can be exceptions to this. You just have to clear the editor content if you don't want to submit it, instead of just leaving it, so it doesn't resurface. Clearing the content can of course be a problem if there is elements there that can't be easily removed like on mobile phones. But the New Page ckeditor plugin is very helpful in such cases.
  3. I've relied on the bug tracker to get updates on the current bug status. It has been the only way for me to be informed about bugs that have been making troubles for the communities. This information is not provided in the release notes, and I'm speaking of course of the more important issues. If this information is not provided by the IPS in the release notes, and the bug tracker will be more restricted now, where should I find this information? I have used the bug tracker information to report back to the community. It's important for the members and other users to have knowledge about the issues they have been facing. Like when they get resolved they need to know that so they can start using the feature again, or even come back when they know the issues have been solved.
  4. Guests need to reload custom Activity Stream page to get new results when they change the stream filters. I tested this on 4.1.15 Beta version. I hope this will be improved so they don't need to reload the page when changing filters. I created custom stream to get rid of the All Activity Stream for guests so they would get list of topics with new posts, instead of all new posts from the same topics, and it's working, except for this need to reload the page when changing the filters.
  5. @Robert Angle @Morisato I was referring to the option to dissalow members to delete their own topic like it is possible in IPB3, but not in IPS4 like @chilihead said in the reply above me. If the members have the option to delete their content they can delete their topic too.
  6. Where is this setting on IPS4 to not allow the members to delete their own topic? Or are you using a custom settings for this or IPB3?
  7. I want to add to this other very nice IPB3 member list filter options: Post count is less than/more than Join date is before/after Last post is before/after Last visit is before/after
  8. Posts from the same topic in 'All Activity' stream is very unfriendly way of get updates in my experience. I don't use it, but this is the only way for guests to get updates The "unfriendly" 'All Activity' stream seems to be the only way for guests to get new posts updates Topic start date is missing from the activity stream Number of views is missing from the activity stream (it's nice to have)
  9. What about the plugins and applications directories with the 3rd party or custom plugins and applications? ckeditor addons?
  10. I entered a search term and got returned results from archived topics on this site. Search result: The archived topic:
  11. Then why do I get search results for archived topics on this forum?
  12. I don't think a test site is a practical way to make sure if a release like 4.0 is stable enough to be upgrade worthy. You would need to have ample server resources to test it out, and have it running for many months, but still not getting any closer to a reliable conclusion. One day, you would see, after months of testing, that great many bugs had been solved, and your test site was [more] stable, and you could finally upgrade your community. When few weeks had passed you would hit a new bug or some other difficulty.
  13. I would like to request time restriction option for content hiding, so members can only hide their content within limited time.
  14. I have the Activity stream disabled for all users.
  15. Yes, but I need to find posts by member and using custom date, and this worked in 3.4 without using any other search term.