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  1. Problem solved: Application Timeout must be configured to very high value to allow "Rebuild Tag Cache" script to be finished without errors. Application is working fine now.
  2. This plugin has a bug that avoid being used in my board. I posted a problem 5 days ago and unfortunately it was ignored by the developer. How to proceed for a refund?
  3. Unfortunately "Rebuild Tag Cache" generates Error 500 during rebuild with 5, 100, 250 or 1000 records per cycle. This problem is not related to our server because we run dozens of scripts/rebuilds and some of them took a few hours to complete without errors. Old tags are not shown in my discussion board and current Advanced Tags & Prefixes doesn't work because "Rebuild Tag Cache" generates an error. How do I fix it?
  4. Plugin works but I get an error in index.php?/bookmarks/ after each post I added: [[Template forums/front/global/snippet does not exist. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I use default theme with some images and CSS changes. How do I fix it?
  5. My discussion board was 3x faster with PHP 7.0.3 compared with PHP 5.6.x and the only problem was Error EX2 when trying to access profile pages.
  6. Faces from anonymous logged members are shown. How do I hide them?
  7. IPB 4 should add options to allow images with different resolutions as I did in my board. Example:
  8. Your theme is amazing. I spent almost 120 hours modifying to be more colorful and unique and it's 90% ready. The result is here (Y)
  9. How do I disable profile photos from incomplete account? (we're using the latest version of this hook) Thx!
  10. How do I change the code to show the first ad in first message and second ad in the last message in ALL pages? Showing only two ads in a multi-page topic is ineffective.. Thx!
  11. Perfect! You should change default no-image file from .jpg to .png to allow using transparent images. BTW this mod is amazing! THX!!
  12. Thx but I can't find where I have to edit to change no_image.jpg to no_image.png. Can you help me? Thx!
  13. I can't find CSS class "bim_mainThumb" in any CSS file. Where is it? Thx!
  14. I understand, but there are plenty of CSS menu systems over the web and I chosed ProMenu because it should be a simple install-and-run IPB app as many others I bought. I installed ProMenu two days ago, it's still not working and I need to publish our new discussion board during this weekend. I simply can't wait too long for support.