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  1. reason i suggested it is because it charged full price when i added pages back onto my addons ^^
  2. Can we get a option to prorate the add on cost based on current active support and download time left that way it keeps it all even and makes it easier to budget if you need to reactivate an addon later.
  3. ​Give is sometime worse comes to worse you can always open a support ticket.
  4. Is this still offered for new licenses? Just wondering as I have a client looking to switch to it but the database could be quite large . Stats roughly Threads 29,783 Posts 238,273 Non-Member 7,211 Active Members 306
  5. if there is an issue with that you should file it in the bug report system ^^
  6. Ya i already renewed and opened a ticket cause it bugged out :(
  7. If i renew will i still get my Blog and Gallery Addons free with it?
  8. Zend Stuff shouldn't conflict with the install what so ever so i havent a clue why their document requires it to be not installed
  9. Its possible and dependent on your flash drive size and what your mp3 player supports for media.
  10. Backing up a entire server mysql databases and not checking to make sure that there wasn't any problems x.x
  11. Setting it to 2 = reg desktop but new task manager.
  12. quite a lot of people do and then complain about it because they don't report it to blizzard so they can crack down on the botnet system. On Average i get about 425 a day saying that or in some other form.
  13. http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/ is good one for the most part project management and issue tracking for software stuff in one free i use web2project
  14. I was able to crash it to the point i corrupted the entire system files on it lol so still got a long way to go.
  15. First Impression can make a huge difference. The most notable difference from windows 7 is the boot time for me is way better takes 3 to 15 seconds to login screen