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  1. Same issue on our site.
  2. test
  3. Yes background show fast is just 0.5 seconds is does not show Just trying to find out why the plugin makes the background disappear for a short moment when it does not happen when its not there or on the other pages
  4. its only two small images now. You can see the site here: Every time the front page is refreshed or click on the home link on the menu the background it not visible for a short moment. This only happens on the front page when the featured content is enabled. But may be some conflicts on my site only?
  5. Is it possible to make the featured content module load faster? cache it maybe? When it load the background image on my site is not loaded right away. But maybe just me that see the site is not loaded in a few ms
  6. Opera
  7. It should be possible to add custom icon like on forums on pages category too.
  8. Hope this is added to page databases. So I can add custom icons more easy without creating to much custom css I have a database where I need each icon to be car manufacturer logo.
  9. Thanks I have tried to optimize the site as much as possible. Also thanks to host using SSD, Litespeed web server, mariadb and Php7. Have not tuned the settings so the host setup is very good. But it does cost some more than the standard host type
  10. Norwegian Car detailing forum. Detailers Club Norway
  11. Yes agree. But is not always so easy The best would be if the Menu Item Type "my activity streams" was possible to customize. Example only show custom streams and create new. So i don't have to have drop down menus inside a drop down menu. But that is my fault for using a custom theme.
  12. I have created the streams so the users have the options as similar as possible like before 4.0/4.1. Most of the users don't like the activity streams at all. So I try to make it as easy as possible to the users without to many settings. Best would be to have the option to choose the old "new content" system like is was before the activity streams.
  13. It should be possible to turn off the ability for members to create they own streams. I don't see much use for it now with the new filter settings and I have already created custom links to the most used streams.
  14. It should be possible to set usergroup rights on groups in commerce settings. Now all users will see the group even if the products in that group is not available for the user group.
    Does not work. Only blank page