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  1. It depends on your need, but generals nginx + php-fpm is faster and lighter than apache with mod_php.
  2. You said you were paying 400$ just for the S3. With that kind of money you can buy a Dedicate Server with a lot more than just 4 cores. For example, for 240$ you can buy a Dedi Server with 20 Cores/40 Threads, 256 GB of Ram and 2x 480Gb SSD. If you use Centos, this one for Remi repo works perfectly: Name : php-pecl-memcached Arch : x86_64 Version : 3.0.2 Release : 1.el7.remi.7.1 Size : 267 k Repo : installed From repo : remi-php71 Summary : Extension to work with the Memcached caching daemon URL : License : PHP Description : This extension uses libmemcached library to provide API for communicating : with memcached servers. : : memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, : generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web : applications by alleviating database load. : : It also provides a session handler (memcached). : : Package built for PHP 7.1.
  3. Can you give us details of the optimization you were using? For example, your tables were in InnoDB? Nginx+php-fpm? etc etc
  4. I don't think IPS should express their ipinion about this. They are a Forum Software Company, not a political one. Anyone have their opinion, anyone can discuss that where they want. IPS opinion about that is not relevant to anyone.
  5. Ok, thank you.
  6. Is there any master key in this system in case the person lost/formated the phone?
  7. I searched for b-210 on this topic and it did not find anything.
  8. Im not assuming anything. I just said that a server with the tables using Innodb Storage Engine with enough buffer pool, i don't believe it will be an issue. I don't have small site and it only takes 3 seconds to load it. PS: Im not even using a dedicated server, but a vps.
  9. Ya, a layer 7 attack to that page can be very devastating.
  10. Yes, you can turn it off, but if you have your server well configured, you don't need to worry with this.
  11. I think it also depends on the server and your Mysql configuration. Using Innodb with the full DB fit in the Innodb Buffer Pool, choosing All Time(4 years) it takes about 3 seconds to fully load in my site.
  12. Now you need to convince the Head Developer, @Matt coff coff, that "most likely" means "for sure"
  13. @Lindy but what do you mean by external search? An external tool that we install on our server like Elasticsearch or an External Cloud solution like Amazon Cloudsearch? You know we care about that because one is free and the other is expensive.
  14. Mysql search only finds the exact words you are searching. If you search for a word or a string, if it finds it shows, if it doesn't find, does not show anything. This is the biggest limitation of IPS suite right now. I believe it can be solved using powerful search tool's like Sphinx or Elasticsearch. It can also be solved using cloud solutions like Amazon Cloudsearch, but this one will only solve the issue for the ones that have the money to spend on it. Right now the best solution is to use Google to search the content on our site. Lindy, the majority of people does not remember the exact words of a topic. It happened to me many times on my own forum, where i have 100% sure that a topic exists but i simple can't find it, and i waste 30 minutes trying many combinations or single words in the search without results. IPS is not a Search Company, no one is expecting IPS to develop an algorithm that will be the saint grail of the search engines. But there are Search Tool's available that IPS can use, and they are free. No one expects IPS to reinvent the wheel.
  15. Hello Lindy. What do you mean with External Search? External services? I don't have elaborated a lot what is happening, i just know my members are searching thing on my site using Google instead of the internal search functionality. With Sphinx in IPB 3.4, it was not happening.