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  1. Any news about this topic?
  2. Are you reloading the page when you resize? Are you using correct code for responsive ads?
  3. Thnx Nuno, very useful answer :smile:
  4. People are reporting images are not displayed in posts using mobile skin. Tested and confirmed. External Images do not appear in mobile skin. PS: I'm using CDN cloudfare, I don't know if this affects
  5. Two sugestions: - Made it available for IP.Content articles. - Add an option to put ads on the right. Thanks.
  6. I'm not upgrading IPB because of MUDD is not working with V3.3. I really need this mod
  7. I think the dev is not going to work on MUDD anymore. I sent him a message long time ago proposing a donation to upgrade this mod. No response for the moment. It's time to search another developer for this mod.
  8. Is MUDD compatible with IPB 3.2? If not, is there anybody to carry on with this hook? I don't want to upgrade to 3.2 if finally mudd is not compatible.
  9. Board 3.1.4 and works brilliant. The best mod i've ever seen. This mod must be included in next versions of IPB!!
  10. Old version paid, I want to upgrade to 1.5.2. Tell me how, please. Regards.
  11. +1000
  12. Probably the best external app foro IPB. Very useful. Thnk you, mate!!