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  1. thanks for your suggestions - what settings are involved in that?
  2. hi, I have always had paid VIP forum memberships for users to get unlimited upload space for pictures, and etc. Other social media sites dont have any restrictions these days, so trying to compete i want to allow all members to have unlimited photo space without paying. But my question - what can i do to add value to the VIP membership if i take this away? my members are not fans of having a VIP only area either. ideas??
  3. default search is by display name - this would be good if it was email as well. without having to go to the advanced search.
  4. (tng31) Google +1 Plus One Button

    not showing up for me?
  5. I have an active IPB forum and joomla site. I want to sell some physical products to my forum members but also visitors to the site. 1. im not sure if i should go with nexus or another joomla cart? 2. if nexus, im guessing i could have the storefront open to the public (not necessarily forum members only). and point my store url to it? 3. if joomla cart, what would you recommend? thx in adv.
  6. hi, i want to move to nexus to sell some physical products, when i do - do i have to use nexus for the members subscriptions as well? been reading some negative feedback in the other forum on how nexus handles subscriptions. can you run both? (or should you)
  7. hard goods ecommerce

    Yes, popular question but not many answers. Think its a feature request
  8. ipnexus examples

    has anyone got any sites or links showing working site?
  9. Android App

    Im using Tapatalk app on my HTC legend
  10. More than one Chat Room

    or setup private chats between members