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  1. Hello, It looks like this application can automatically award points to users for posting new topics or replies, but can it award points to users for things like: Uploading a new file Another user downloading a file that the user uploaded Making a new blog post
  2. Hey, the new version fixed the splitting problem! Everything is working great now. Thanks for the update!
  3., which I believe is the current version.
  4. Okay, I've taken a few screenshots that can hopefully show this better. Here's the first one, showing the topic splitting UI, with the unlabeled set dropdown menu outlined in blue. If I try to click the Save button on this as is, the page loads for a second, but then just shows this exact same screen again, and the topic is not split. The reason for this only becomes clear when you click on that dropdown menu and select a set. See below: As you can see here, it seems that if a set has a required field, as this one does, the software doesn't allow me to split without first selecting the set and filling out the required fields. This happens even if I'm splitting a topic in a forum that has no sets assigned to it. I hope this explained the issue a little better. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks!
  5. Someone already asked you about these errors that show up in ACP > Support, but I have a question about them myself. If I tell my software to run these suggested queries, will that break your Template application? Or are they safe to run? Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I still experienced the problem with fields being required when splitting a topic, even after upgrading the Template System to your new version. Do you have any updates regarding this? Thanks!
  6. I downloaded the latest version and installed it (the fields are now appearing above the editor, so I know it was installed successfully), but unfortunately the problem with splitting topics doesn't seem to be fixed. I'm still experiencing the same problem I was before.
  7. I've run into something that seems like a bug. I have a set with a few fields in it, and I've made those fields required. Then, using a container, this set is required in one of the forums at my site. This all works great. However, a problem arises whenever I try to split a post into a new topic, I am unable to do so unless I select a set from a dropdown menu in the topic split UI, and fill out all the required fields in that set. This happens even if I'm splitting a post in a forum that has no sets attributed to it. Could you tell me if there's anything I can do to fix this, or is it something you could patch? Thanks!
  8. That did the trick! Shows up how it should now. Thanks for your help!
  9. I recently set up your application at my site, and it's been working great so far. I've only run into one issue. In the name for one of my fields, I have used HTML to make some of the text an embedded link. This displays as it should while in the editor, but once the post is published, the field name just displays raw HTML instead of a link. Here's a link to an example of this at my site. Is this something that would be possible for you to patch? Thanks!
  10. Hello! I'm looking into buying this plugin, but I have a quick question first. If I install this plugin at my site and create content using it, but at some point down the line have to disable the plugin, what happens to the content? Will it become corrupted or unviewable in some way? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Ahmad!
  12. Hi, I'm installing this mod in my ACP and on the first step of installation, there's a pulldown box asking to skip or drop duplicate tables. Which is the correct setting to proceed with installation? Thanks! Scott