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  1. Charles, if you read carefully (or at all) my feedback, you will see, that my suggestions are reporting very reasonable comments (such as missing plugin version number, or the bug with calendar) which don't need any majority of voting. I have clearly brought to you the problems on a plate for your attention, I didn't have to but I spent my time to do so. Statement that you have to wait first for majority of people to react, seems strange. The forum is Customer's (product) Feedback. When you say Customer's Feedback in normal environment it stays for messaging between the Client (the paying party) and the Authors (the party liking or at least pretending they appreciate the Clients). (You can check on Trip Advisor how hotel operators are treating comments from customers, they are dependent on those comments!). Anyway, I am not here to teach you guys manners, but you will agree with me, that there is no real motivation for me to spend my time identifying any similar areas of improvement of your products in the future.
  2. As a long-time user of the IPS product I do from time to time provide my comments or observations of how I think the products could be improved. Those are my completely subjective observations, which I nevertheless share in the Product Feedback forum. To my surprise, nobody from the IPS team responds to such observation which is something I feel very strange about. When the Customer provides feedback on the product he/she is buying, the response should not be missing. Either negative or positive, or other, but it should in my opinion definitely be there. For this reason I have to admit I feel only very little motivated to be providing any similar feedback in the future unless this culture changes. Anyone of the similar opinion? Below please find links to my posts which were left unattended (or at least un-responded)
  3. I would think of number of records of the same type: e.g. number of record of members and number of records for each custom marker category: e.g. Restaurants (53) In the description - the icon needs to bear the custom mark symbol - which is perfectly fine the way it is but once you click on it, it is currently only a text, i think there could be some standard size logo or image filed. To give you an example of my intended use: I would like to make it attractive for the restaurants/shop owners/shools etc. to register and fill records about their business, the logo for them would be very important for their identity. It could stay optional at the same time. I am thinking of some custom fielding for them but I understand for many admins this is not required.
  4. Hello, After using the application for a couple of days now I am coming with some ideas/proposals: 1. I would find useful to give the members to option to Save location of Custom markers (e.g. they could be saving interesting restaurants they have come across) this function should be available to members of certain member group only. 2. It would be nice to have a list ( a legend) of Custom Marker categories (e.g. where we have the option to turn on/off Members at present) so that they could give members to turn them on or off - (in my case switch on restaurants and off Shops etc.) it would make the operation with the map very easy. 3. Some basic stats would be nice too (this could be next to the custom markers) 4. and some attractive hook/plugin to be positioned on the page would be a great feature too 5. For custom markers it would be good to upload image (currently this is via html which is not that comfortable) - in my case logo of the shop owner .. just some ideas
  5. hello, I would have one suggestion, would it be worth thinking of having the markers clustering optional? I have only say 50 records in a map and when clustered they look like 5 - the map looks empty, while i would rather prefer to chose them all, to show there is activity on the map.
  6. I think this has been discussed many times, yet today I checked and in it's still not fixed. Go to Calendar, Select specific Calendar, click Create Event .. here one would think we are "in the specific calendar" - instead we have to again select the specific calendar, so that the event is saved in it. This is very disturbing and I would really suggest it is fixed, so that members don't have to select the specific calendar twice.
  7. I am sorry if I missed something, but I was unable to find a Calendar-specific RSS export stream. What I can see is a summary of upcoming events, which doesn't serve the same purpose. I have tens of calendars (in my case for each country of our members) and I would need to have a separate RSS streams for each of the calendar (country) If not mistaken the calendar specific export stream used to be there in the previous version of Calendar..
  8. When publishing an announcement on the forums which contain hyperlinks it appears that after publishing the hyperlinks are being automatically removed - which is hindering the functionality of the announcement. Since I have been advised by the helpdesk that this is intentional - I would like to ask it it is really something we want to have. Announcements without the links directing to particular chapters of the forum is only half-useful.
  9. Did you also change the permission of the Member Groups (not only the application permissions..) if not go to: ACP/Members/Groups/your group/click the pencil icon/Member Map/change the permissions
  10. Yes and those are the 2 extra clicks I would like to save In Applications the information is available straight away.
  11. It would be nice if in the ACP there were indicated versions of the Plugins installed (the same way the Applications are). Currently they are missing.
  12. Hello, would it be difficult to include Calendar Events in the Featured Content? It would be nice to have pulled the background images of Events with the basic event details into the hook. I love the application as it is and this improvement would be yet greater addition to my community.
  13. Hello, I am not sure whether anyone has proposed similar idea before, but I would welcome if there was an integration of Nexus into the Gallery. My site has a collection of some unique photographs of architecture and they could be offer for sale to members. I can imagine many other similar applications when after looking on a gallery image one could click on 'buy' button and be transferred to nexus for the rest of the payment (where say the full res file without a copyright could be offered). Is it something that would be interesting for other clients as well?
  14. I am living in the UAE and I am happy to assist with exploration regarding the company manager's statement regarding the theme and the authority of GJ to order the job under the described conditions, it is easy to visit their showroom and talk.
  15. I've purchased the plugin hoping it would help me to copy topics from forums/forums to collabs/forums. unfortunately it can only copy topics from forums/forums to forums/forums or from collabs/forums to collabs/forums. Is there any way to go around it? I could see that there is a drop down menu listing the forums to copy to and that is where the problem is for me, if there was an option to enter a path or forum number I think the problem would be resolved, but I understand not everybody would be in need of this tweak. Any idea how to go around the current limitations please?