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  1. was told this is a document for theme making of IPB 4.0 https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/ way too poor doc I must say WHEN could we expect much better documents ? IPS support dept asks us to post on forum which is odd coz I don;t know is it even possible that anyone is familair with IPB 4.0 with lack of proper doc? if so, please share your theme making experience please? we need to know A~Z of IPB 4.0 theme
  2. thanks for this
  3. indeed looks like so, to pick up here and there is pretty time consuming after some years, 4 is still so unready~
  4. Hello did you meet any troubles on migrate your skin/template from 3 to 4?
  5. Hi is there any documents for IPB4 's skin and template? we need this to make upgrade from IPB3 to 4 smooth thanks
  6. wow, after reading all these, we don;t want to upgrade anymore
  7. There are so many spams on 3.1.4 lately, even we ban members, their "spams" posts are NOT "removed" I know they could be set "unaprooved", but what is the reason to set spams unprooved ;p? please make one-click to remove everything happen tks
  8. we have also suggested this long time ago, like 2 years ago maybe Gallery and forum are too separate, inserting images into forum post is still a hassle
  9. this is a simple and easy-to-add function, possible to add this on IPB 3.2? "flag as spammer" is basically useless if you want to delete everything frontend without gonig to ACP
  10. this is good idea, but function like this is way much beter and complete These functions "HUGELY" increase and stimulate members to make interactions on forum by combining points+reputation+warning...etc but this "interaction" is not IPS 's focus from their reply....IPS focus more on adding function instead of stimulate people to interact stilll until this stage
  11. I know that, I meant to flag as spamer+ "remove" all post on frontend of forum when you click "flag as spammer" it is not logical to click someone as spamer frontend and go to ACP to remove all post if we have to go to ACP, why not we just just go ACP and set user into baned group.... "flag as spammer" is then useless ...
  12. Hi there is only "unapprove posts, empty profile and ban accounts" issue is , why only UNapprove? if we consider it spam, we want to REMOVE all posts from our DB
  13. Hi I beileve this has been discussed a lot that current "flag someone as spamer" is not really useful as we need to manually log in ACP to remove all articles +ban members after several process is this going to happen on IPB 3.2 ? VB has this function very well and even could ban multi members and spams on front end of forum
  14. getting more and more members report this to us, all of them use IE7...... screen get frozen and hang when they view a topic with moderators' replies on the same topic issuED a bug tracker, hopefully IPS could be more eagered to fix this
  15. I think Ryan sump up a lot If you want to "enforce" or ask people to upgrade EVERYThing, ask them to dump car that produce polutions first thanks