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  1. Great skin @Denis M, I just find it needs more polishing in responsive mode for lower resolutions as many elemens are oversized and missaligned when viewed in smaller screens. Are new updates coming soon?
  2. José, is there something wrong with your website? IBAdvanced is not loading, and the demo board is offline. Thanks.
  3. Please consider that many of us will not be upgrading to IPB v4 until is quite long tested and most of the other Mods and Apps are available. It may take months/years. Please keep any update available for v3 users, this Mod is evolving very fast and I'd like not to miss the new features.
  4. Excellent Mod, thank you. This is using API, so only bitcoins.
  5. I can only agree with many of the critic comments about this application. Needs more support and updates. Customers are not happy, for a reason. Hopefully Andy will have time soon to re-take it once IPB4 is out, and adapt it to work in the new IPB version, with more added features.
  6. Thank you. That solution is dated August 2012, while the latest download file is December 2012, why hasn't it been fixed in the latest version yet?
  7. I'm also getting this SQL error when adding a field in ACP: Latest SQL Error Today (Today, 07:31 PM) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 19:31:14 +0000 Error: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'maxvalue FROM sd_pf_fields' at line 1 IP Address: - /admin/index.php?adsess=c6b60b4be27dc12e8de0b80a0c67bb56&app=postsfields&module=managefields&section=managefields&do=doadd ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: SELECT max(field_position) as maxvalue FROM sd_pf_fields .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. | File | Function | Line No. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------| | admin/applications_addon/other/postsfields/modules_admin/managefields/managefields.php| [postsfields].getMaxFieldPosition | 343 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | admin/applications_addon/other/postsfields/modules_admin/managefields/managefields.php| [admin_postsfields_managefields_managefields].saveForm | 113 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | admin/sources/base/ipsController.php | [admin_postsfields_managefields_managefields].doExecute | 306 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+---------------------------------------------------------- The board version is latest 3.4.2 and Mod version is the current (uploaded december 2012). What should I do?
  8. Matthias, any plans to include Tags in the topic module? I really, really need this feature. Thanks
  9. Have you tried these?
  10. Dawid, is this Mod working on 3.4? Any plans to upgrade it?
  11. Hello. Has this been tested in IPB 3.4.1? Any issues?
  12. Looking forward 1.3 to purchase. Keep up the good work!
  13. Also looking forward this feature. Please move it up in the ToDo list! :) Niceeeee, please update soon!
  14. Fantastic app, worth the price. Thank you!