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  1. IPS Community Suite 4.2 Coming Soon

    What about page speed optimizations. 4.x is SLOW.
  2. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Having the same problem. Quick jump to any letter for a member name does not work. Shows ALL view. Bug confirmed on 3.4.7 with the path applied.
  3. Similar post 2 years ago, where Charles said we would always keep the IP Board license as promised years ago. I certainly understand all the extra features costing more -- that said, all I want is the forums, not all the add ons IPB has been adding.
  4. Can the IPB staff comment on the original terms of service with the lifetime and perpetual licenses and the recent news that they are now going to eventually cancel our license and require we purchase an annual contract? Just curious on that decision profile. I'm sure it just a dollars and cents decision, and hey that's business I suppose, but I'd like to hear it from the source. Thanks!
  5. Invalid emails on members accounts

    Silence is amazing -- IPB seems to care about selling 'more' licenses to new boards then helping more established larger sites. These sites however are what folks see on the internet and then want to start their own site with. Help us IPB? Seriously this is a big deal.
  6. Page Skins

    This is no longer working.
  7. Why The Mobile Skin Is So Important

    IP Content needs to be addressed as well (for mobile skins). I did a work around but it is a pain and not elegant at all. Not trying to be too direct but it is certainly a specific area that also needs attention.
  8. Serious User Interface update

    Very interesting forums SW> I had not seen it before.
  10. @All- Please take a look at the following.... It was VERY useful for me and saved me up to 30 minutes of downtime per day. @IPB staff. I would highly recommend this be added by default! Thank you!
  11. What $$ would it take to regain this option by exception and keep my current license? I assume there is a price that would make it worth it to manage things like this by exception. Happy to open a ticket if that is the right route to inquire on things like this.
  12. I want to pay money for these features. Can I pay for them individually?
  13. I see 3.4.2 has been on this forum a few days for testing. Any thoughts from members on if they think this point release is stable enough for upgrading a large forum yet? Were any critical or major problem issues fixed for this release? The bug tracker does not list 3.4.2 so i can't see much on what is fixed. ... I assume 3.4.2 will be released next week some time.
  14. If the food is bad I don't care why... it is up to the chef to use better water or treat the water they have to taste better. It is their job to present a product that their customers like and utilize the tools and food they have... correcting or covering up any flaws they have.