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  1. Big Thanks for that hint. There are good chances you've saved me some investigation time once an issue like this occurs in future. btw just released v4.1.5 of IPBWI API with support for reputation system and some minor bugfixes.
  2. thank you for understanding my situation Hooks feature was already part of last IPBWI API release (IPBWI API is also part of IPBWI for WordPress). Reputation system will be part of next release of API (and therefor refreshed IPBWI for WordPress release including new API version). IPS posts as WP comments feature will be released as addon for IPBWI for WordPress
  3. unfortunately, no progress here. I'm currently focused on paid orders which extend the IPBWI API (e.g. hooks, reputation system), so priorities have changed. IPS posts as WP comments feature has still top priority of non-ordered features.
  4. Thank you, I've updated documentation. If you need further assistance, please never hesitate to ask.
  5. At least, we've solved 50% of your issue yet Of course, as reinstall will solve your issue instantly, but won't help us to find a way in a non lethal solution for a board installation If you are able to invest some extra time to 1) Go to IPS ACP -> System -> Support -> Something isn't working correctly -> continue and try login again 2) If that doesn't work, please try to delete your browser cache to avoid any saved 301 redirects from IPS connect (I've already reported that 302 redirects would be better in IPS connect, but don't know whether IPS has applied that yet). Big thanks for your effort yet!
  6. Can you try to set value of field connect_slaves in table ibf_core_sys_conf_settings to 0?
  7. Did you checked the entries of table ibf_core_ipsconnect_slaves https://straightvisions.com/community/topic/26024-moving-to-a-new-domain-address/
  8. yep. I am working on a dedicated support forum on https://straightvisions.com/community/ to handle support requests better in future. I'll inform you in this thread once it's released to public.
  9. Big thanks for your feedback. I've just ordered an UX-Designer a couple of days before for a redesign of my website @JEFF MACK I really appreciate your feedback here. I feel deeply honored by your positive review!
  10. Hi Ben, while IPBWI for WordPress v4 is compatible with most scenarios, it will need to get an extra extension to hook into usergroup-changes initiated by third-party-plugins like Wishlist Member. I've made something similar for DigiMember for a customer. You can build such an extension by your own or hire me doing that. IPS cloud hosting is fully supported. Kind regards, Matthias
  11. exactly and vice versa.
  12. I want to give some awareness to specific benefits of IPBWI 4 compared to IPBWI 3: it is completely unencoded, no ioncube required anymore has no domain limitation anymore, one license, unlimited installs allows to connect unlimited amount of WordPress installations with your IPS master - even combined with unlimited amount of IPS slaves. IPS and WordPress are allowed to run on completely different servers, no local access required anymore much more stability, as cookie sharing isn't required anymore working SSO even with completely different domains Every piece of code has been rewritten, there is no old code re-used. All points above are also valid for IPBWI 4 API which is included and served with IPBWI for WordPress v4, too. If you want to try out a cheaper, but good alternative, you should throw an eye on WordPress SSO plugin made by @stoo2000 That plugin uses another technical way to achieve SSO with some limitations, but that allows a cheaper pricing. If you think my price tag is too high and you are not affected by these technical limitations, I am not disappointed if you choose the software of my competitor.
  13. awesome, glad to read you've got it working for you Nevertheless, I'll release the addon requested, but it's great to see you've found a solution for your urgent needs
  14. correct
  15. That feature is planned as addon in 2016, but I cannot give an ETA for that.