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  1. 15 hours since and still everything fine
  2. yep, that annoying bug is gone now, too
  3. I've fixed that and made a full import again. Let's see if my other fix is successful now.
  4. There could have been a bug in the following situation: user logins in IPB user account already exists in WP, but not in all blogs of your WPMU site network user account will be added to all blogs, but with default "subscriber" role. if user already exists in a blog, user rolle was overwritten I've implemented a check in the case described above now to avoid overriding the role upon login when a user already exists in a blog while still adding user to all other blogs as subscriber as intended. If you start a re-import now, the issue should be gone.
  5. let's focus on Alpinemaps: I've ran a test import for that user only (to speed that up a little) and moderator group has been set as role successfully. Please give me a note once this member's role has changed back to subscriber again and I'll investigate further.
  6. checking it right now. Can you send me an email with new login credentials for WordPress FTP? Old ones are not valid anymore.
  7. if you can research which contributor account is affected by this issue, I could make some investigations to get it reproduced get it localized get it fixed
  8. There is only one situation when a role is set in WP by IPBWI and that's when a new account is gonna be created in file sso_by_ipb.php within method register so this shouldn't be the reason. As far as I remember, you are using a nginx setup which caches PHP output. This could result in the situation the you won't see the most recent data right after import and need to wait until this cache has been flushed again by nginx. This could be the reason for the different counts.
  9. vs. Seems re-import is actually working? that's a good news and means - at current state of information - there is no major bug with group mapping upon re-import as both of us thought? real-time user group synchronization is far more complex. We are talking about 5000 € effort if you would want that feature by two weeks. re-import by group would result in 1200 € effort. While I'll wait for some sales on my user import script before adding new free features, the real-time user group synchronization feature will be released as separate addon later this year. if this issue occurs again, we will have put on our investigator hats to fix it, but right now I have no idea, too. Chances are big that there were conflicts upon import for these 104. With such a big user base, there could be corrupted member accounts. Nevertheless, my user import script has some type of debugging log printed upon import. In future versions I'll try to improve it further to get a better overview on those failed import attempts.
  10. last weeks: 120 € / hour since today upon withdrawal: nothing, as I've time now again for free premium support for you.
  11. following are my thoughts about your feedback in your last post: Are, but not were, as far as I know. You've changed that after initial import In most cases, this plugin will be used only once to bulk import all members and go live. If there are issues, prior imported members will be wiped and another, fresh import will be started. That will work for most buyers of this plugin. The plugin has no magic hook changing the userroles of existing members without any action by you. You've started the import again without wiping member accounts in WordPress (a "re-import") and there could be a bug left. As I said, the re-import feature was never ordered nor paid by you. If the plugin is worthless for you without that feature, you should pay for it or bring some patience. Some business trips require that I totally focus on them for that time. We have no service-level-agreement (which would be quite expensive), so I was not able to bind a programmer from my network to fulfill support for you. In your situation, I would ask how much it would cost to get premium support and bugfixing for a free, but not yet supported extra-feature. They are rock-solid. You are complaining about something that is not part of the official featureset. It's usual to deliver optional features in a beta state along with a stable product as long as they do not affect the core product - and in this case they actually do not.
  12. Here are some facts from my point of view, but please correct me if I've got something wrong here: The screenshot from IPS on the right you've posted is misleading, as it does not show which users are primary or secondary part of a member group. This makes a big difference, as WordPress does not support secondary user roles, only primary ones Therefor, my members import script does count primary usergroups from IPS only and maps members upon import into the correct ones. You'll have to change the primary groups in IPS for the specific members to get them mapped to the desired one. Well here could be the bug: On initial import, all members were mapped to the correct primary group. All fine. But group changes in IPB will not be mapped again upon next re-import. Roles of the members in WordPress will not be updated. And that's the reason why fixing this isn't something you can demand on: re-import is a feature you've not paid for. That's a plus. You've paid for the initial import per member. The difference is, that without re-import feature, you need to delete the member account in WordPress to perform a completely new import for that member when re-running the import tool. re-import feature is not advertised in my product promotion, as I know there is that bug left, even if it's only a part of the whole re-import feature. So even if other customers will face the same bug, it's still not part of the official feature set and therefor not officially supported - what makes a difference in support priority when bugs occur. There is another misunderstanding between us: You are saying you actually agree to pay for new features. That's great. I've said to you, that I am available for hire. But you've asked to get new features for free and I cannot give an ETA for free feature upgrades and some features on your wishlist could take weeks or months until I have time to get them done. Of course, even if you want to pay, there could be a waiting queue of several weeks until I have a timeslot for your order. As a good freelancer tries to get a workload upfront for months when possible. If you business totally depends on a specific feature, it's up to you to increase your bid to get higher priority or ask another freelancer.
  13. I have to note here that you've issues with a specific minor feature that was a free extra and never ordered nor paid by you. While I love to give great additional features for free, majority of support is dedicated to paid features. Additionally, I've invested much time into supporting you and while I love how we worked together (and how you've helped me out, too), all projects are going to end every now and then and therefor support cannot be set as high priority anymore as how it was during project. Whoever wants to know what feature we are talking about: The extra was to allow "updating" parts of member information when re-running the import. This is as cool feature, as it allows to avoid wiping members database on re-imports. But as this "member update" feature was never paid or ordered by Jeff and intended as cool free extra by me, there could be some waiting time (about two weeks) to allow me to fix that specific feature, while other features still have higher priority support. Finally, I've also explained to Jeff, that I've invested about 20 times the effort into the plugins as he has paid - additionally there were couple of extra hours in support and adding additional, free features to add some icing on the cake. I've explained, that I'll cannot offer endless high priority free support for free extras. And Jeff, unfortunately, I have waited for your post here. You are a good guy, but you've got too much conflicts with your other freelance coders before so you don't trust me as result of your prior experience with others. That's why you see conflicts when you just should pay the extra feature you demand high priority support - or wait a bit to get the free support. In sum: I've not delivered the 95%, instead it was 195%. But finally there are good news: Since you've asked for the support a week before, I was able to work on my other projects fast enough to have the time to give you the addtional support now to fix the remaining bugs. Just write me an email with current state of bugs and I'll try to sort them out asap.
  14. Don't think that would be affordable for a reasonable effort. You'll also need to test each update of the application through IPS staff, as there could be new critical bugs in there. As far as I know, IPS is trying to give a strict, but flexible structure to avoid bigger bugs through applications automatically. The reasons for the poor situation of third party apps are well known: There is actually no guide for creating applications. The audience of active IPS users is very small compared to other plattforms, e.g. WordPress There are nearly no promotions or marketing activities for marketplace items
  15. Both, IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress are available for IPS 4 See: