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  1. Thank you very much to you Martin, I find efectivement in globalTemplate I am an idiot for not seeing it ... <!-- DEBUT Formulaire Vos Sujets en Cours FORUM-SAM --> <!-- <form action=";module=search&amp;section=search&amp;do=quick_search&amp;search_app=forums&amp;fromsearch=1" method="post" id='search-box' name="sForm2"> <input type='hidden' name='search_filter_app[all]' value='1' /> <input type='hidden' name='search_author' id='author' value="{$this->memberData['members_display_name']}" /> <select size='0' name='search_app_filters[forums][forums][]' multiple='multiple' style='display:none'> <option value="180" selected="selected">ADMIN</option> <option value="4" selected="selected">CHARTE</option> <option value="96" selected="selected">ANNONCES</option> <option value="195" selected="selected">LIVREOR</option> <option value="7" selected="selected">MACHINEACAFE</option> <option value="51" selected="selected">PROBTECH</option> <option value="92" selected="selected">SUGGESTIONS</option> <option value="297" selected="selected">ACTUALITES</option> <option value="233" selected="selected">ANDROID</option> <option value="234" selected="selected">BADA</option> <option value="235" selected="selected">SAMSUNG</option> <option value="236" selected="selected">WINMOBIL</option> <option value="183" selected="selected">CORBEILLE</option> </select> <input id='noPreview' type='hidden' name='search_app_filters[forums][noPreview]' value='1' /></form> --> <!-- FIN Formulaire Vos Sujets en Cours FORUM-SAM --> Another Big thank you, Cordially.
  2. Hello, I install the Google Site Search Mod v1.1.4 (compatible 3.3.x on our forum: , I activated and everything enter the key ID provided by Google, but when I use the Google search function from the index, I get this error : Could you help me understand and solve this problem ? Thanks. Cordially. PS: Sorry for my English, I translated with Google Translation ......
  3. Yes of course ... Finally, if damage except the IPS am looking back. Thank you for your answers in expectation, and hope not be ;) Cordially.
  4. Thank you for your answer, but you'll do it not possible to call in a popup window the contents of the first post in the topic altogether ?
  5. Hello, I will provide you a small suggestion. Could put the mod "linear +" on IPS 3.3.2? Or could you just be easier, a Hook that manages to see the first post in the topic, so that we are not obliged to return to the first page of a Subject to reread the original question and problem? On such a topic with 10 pages more or less, it is quite heavy in management of the subject and answer to the Member ... Thank you in advance. Cordially. PS : Sorry for my broken English, translated with Google.
  6. Hello, Thank you very much for your answer, it is unfortunate that the "Linear +" has beendeleted, it is very convenient ... PS: Translated with Google, sorry for the rough translation
  7. No little help ?
  8. sorry for the translation on Google - Sat between forum and was necessarily removed, I corrected the link still sorry :) >
  9. Hello, Sorry in advance for my bad English, I translated with Google ... Version 3.1.4 of the CMS, we could see in every page of a subject, the first post in the topic, without having to go back to the first page. Version 3.3.2 on our Forum> version 3.3.2 is installed andfunctional at this hour, besides a large mercial Devs for this nice CMS. As this is no longer possible, could you either add ke, or give me a HOOK which give a similar result? Thank you in advance, Cordially. EDIT : sorry for the translation on Google - Sat between forum and was necessarily removed, I corrected the link still sorry :)