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  1. Hello, Maybe a dumb question, but I have to ask : can we use it on the forum sections, or only the pages section ?
  2. Hi, On Android and sometimes on iOS, when you try to edit a post, the keyboard disappears... do you know how to solve this ?
  3. Do you have news for me ? :(
  4. Here you can see the problem on a iPhone :
  5. If you just try to resize your browser on your computer, you can see this :)
  6. There is a small problem. When you are on a mobile device, watching a topic, each posts keep a margin left to 185px, and I can't find where I can change this settings... in the css files, nothing :/
  7. Yes, I was aware, that's what I've explained in my last post :) Unfortunately, I'm disappointed becauss I don't want to change my default skin, I just want a simple skin like the mobile IPB one but with desktop functionnalities (status update, view new content, etc...). But I'm surprised, because you can set different user agents for each skin, so, if I select the mobile's user agents only on Pulse skin, it should automatically switch the mobile users to Pulse, even if another skin is set by default, am I wrong ?
  8. (I've disabled the hook and the settings, until the time you will have a look, because my community complain about the display problem, don't hesitate to activate again when you will be on it) ;)
  9. Yes, I mean using it instead of the mobile skin :smile: I've changed the user agents, even on the IPB default mobile skin, but it's still the IPB default mobile skin that is displayed on a mobile... :/ If someone can help me with this hook, that will be nice !... Edit : It seems to work, thanks !
  10. Sure, maybe it's my fault, I don't know :) PM sent ;)
  11. I've followed your instructions, xml settings are installed :smile: Actually, on my iPhone with Safari, it's my default skin which is displayed, so obviously, it doesn't fit to the screen. So it seems that despite the setting in the dropdown for "pulse", it uses my own default skin, it doesn't switch automatically to the mobile skin with pulse.
  12. I've bought your "Pulse" theme, because it's in the dropdown, I've installed it, I've chosen it in the dropdown, but it still don't work !... :/
  13. I mean, we can choose our own default skin or one of your skin. But, if we have other own active skins, can we choose one of them instead of the default one ?
  14. Ok, I understand, but for the mobile skin, I would like to use a simple skin, so the IPB default would be perfect. Isn't it possible to use it without setting it by default ?
  15. I've created myself, but can't your product use the "real" default IPB skin ? And when I choose another skin in the dropdown, it always stays on my custom skin.