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  1. It would be nice to group friends PM depending on interest for example: Group 6 friends under the name gamers since we are a game clan, so instead of adding 6 friends to the conversation I just add gamers and the message will be delivered to all of them. I hope it becomes available in IP.Board Thank you
  2. There is also some social network scripts like phpfox and socialengine that adds forum functionality. Still not as sophisticated like ip.board
  3. [HQ] Awards

    Hello, i am very interested in the award system. Does it work in ip.board 3.4.x? Thank you
  4. License Changes Live

    "Why the change? Not only is this structure easier for everyone (just one renewal date for everything) but also goes along with our future plans of releasing all of our products as one Suite rather than individual apps under IP.Board. It's an exciting project and we cannot wait to roll it out over the next few releases." So in the future if i want to renew one app i have to renew all the community suite? I have a ip.board perpetual license and i want it to keep it that way. thank you
  5. License changes?

    Good to know! :) Also I like the idea of separate independent apps, since I want to add a suppor ticket system to my wordpress blog I might be using nexus then. Thanks you all!
  6. License changes?

    I did not know where to put this topic. I've read that changes for ip.board and its product will change correct? According to this. Im a current owner of ip.board perpetual license, does my current license will change and i will have to start paying for the software? Thank you
  7. I have a vbulletin board.

    You can test ip.board and it's product by requesting a free demo account, just click here
  8. No se que tipo de comunidad formar... :/

  9. Additional IPS Community Enhancements

    Excelent Smart move!
  10. waiting for my baby :)

  11. I wish there was a free up to date NX server....

  12. Have you have this problem before?

    I dont really remember but it's a black bolded string. Sometimes it will turn whitethe page and showing just the black string, sometimes the page is showed and in the header there is the black string saying something in somefile.php line 03 or whatrever line and re-uploading that file the error disappear.
  13. Have you have this problem before?

    It happens when uploading a lot of files and everything is trasnferred ok. I dont know why it happens. Weird.