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  1. What nxt for MACs after Steve? Less reliant...maintain current standards or better MACs?
  2. ...will then switch to all MAC...lol
  3. Folks say MAC or PC. Isn't MAC a PC also? I currently own 4 PCs: A MBP 15" MAC Pro Desktop (16GB Ram, dual xenon) HP Laptop with i7 HP Work Station 8400 (8GB Ram, dual xenon) Plus iPhone, iPad, iPod and an iPod touch. Overall I spend more time on the MS Windows based PC than the Apple one. The MACs are more like backup and when I want to look "cool".
  4. Funny.
  5. I have been averaging 100 new registration a day from mostly spam bots since the new year...but after configuring the question and answer from my admin cp not a single registration since.
  6. I am yet to configure my IP.Download. Is it something you can configure to share mp3?
  7. This is super. Will it resize the photos also. I have members who uploads driect from their camera.
  8. We're heading for a brighter future.I was gonna install creloaded osCommerce but the wait for the IPN will pay off.
  9. Hope that date will be this year...
  10. If you really want a hands-free visually cool invoices that you can track try adding another staff.
  11. When I connect my current iPhone to my new Laptop there is an option to merge the contact info with the account in the new laptop. It is backing up my contacts now.
  12. It's already is. If I connect the new phone to my itunes will it sync with my old phone's apps and contact?
  13. Am eligible for the iPhone 4 upgrade and need some heads-up on how to move my apps and contacts to the new iphone. I have the first gen iphone 3G. I also want to move my itunes to a new asus laptop.
  14. Thanks all, that's even easier as I don't have to wait for defrag as in Windows. The mac boot so fast that I now miss the delay in booting windows...times that I had utilized to tidy up my desk or make myself a cup of tea.
  15. I am moving my video editing system from PC to Mac. I just received my Mac Pro and have a question. What is the equivalent of Disk defrag and clean up in Mac?