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  1. Anyone find a way to accomplish this?
  2. Heres what has been said about the menu and internal links.
  3. Any update @Lindy on this internal review item?
  4. So currently there is no way to apply shipping methods to groups. The issue with that is of you want some groups to have free shipping and others for the same product to be charged for shipping this is not currently possible. The work around is to have duplicate commerce items and offer them to the different groups with the shipping on the item. Its a dirty workaround that I think should be fixed.
  5. @Lindy So the point I would like to make is that awesome and fantastic that self hosted sites will be able to go into safe mode when needed shine they have access to their files. However with us using CiC we may know what's wrong and could get it fixed however now we need to open a ticket and then hurry up and wait for the ticket to be read and then responded to. This is something most probably don't mind, however if there is a way to let us CiC users to invoke safe mode ourselves, you probably would see a overall deceased amount of tickets coming in and would keep everyone happy at the same time.
  6. @Lindy will that be accessible through the client area?
  7. Nice can't wait to see what it includes
  8. @Lindy I understand what you are stating however when the site is up and running just fine but not access to the ACP is that still a case for the emergency feature?
  9. So recently I had a situation where I was locked out of my ACP due to a plugin that messed up. I then contacted support for assistance and finally after a few hours was able to fix the situation. My thought was that it could have been fixed sooner if there was a way to disable plugins from IPS's Client Area. I'm proposing that's there be a disable all plugins in there for the specific site so if a plugin is messing up the acp then it can get fixed sooner than waiting on support personnel to get tour message and tell you whats going on when you already know. Just my 2 cents
  10. With all sorts of settings coming out with each upgrade would be cool to see a tag or bubble stating that its new so we know it's something that could be looked at and configured.
  11. It's already planned
  12. Ah thanks.
  13. So wondering I've seen it said a couple of times and places but what does/is CiC?
  14. @Lindy thanks for the explanation
  15. So how long can a topic stay in internal review status?