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  1. Nope Linux node1 2.100.4-1-amd64
  2. Thanks i will think this over
  3. Ok thanks everyone for the feedback. I have looked into the server CP and i can change the php version this is how it is now PHP version 5.2 is selected........any advise Default PHP-Interpreter version 5.2 - 5.3 - 5.4 PHP Safe Mode On PHP Safe Mode GID On PHP Register Globals On allow_url_fopen *1On file_uploads *2 On
  4. Yes i know what the problem is ........ioncube is not installed..........but when i install it does that effect my forum installation ??
  5. Getting ioncube error installing latest version. Went back to 1.3.3
  6. Before i will buy this modification i have a few questions. I have disabled registration due to the fact that many spammers a day registering and pending on the list as validated/banned and i have to delete 20 to 30 registrations a day I want to have my members to invite other ppl for registration, this way i know that there are no spammers this posible to register new members by invite and having the registration set to ''no''
  7. Any news arround the issue i still have Mod is making posts while member is still validating.
  8. Did you uploaded the upload folder or the content in the upload folder ?
  9. Yep, validation email sent to user and by clicking link acount wil be active
  10. Hello Mike, Mine is set only to email validation
  11. Did not see your post.......gladly i am not the only one with this issue
  12. Hello, After i upgraded to 3.3.4 the auto welcome mod is placing topics and shoutbox notification when members is still validating (was not when forum was 3.2) any idea ?
  13. Thanks Michael, this is last mod i am waiting for and it is a important gives me a small income to run the forum
  14. One of the reasons ill wait with upgrading........untill all my mods are updated