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  1. I've always used the banned member usergroups to deal with forum trolls, spammers and abusers of my forum community. When IPS first introduced the anti-spam feature, I seem to recall something about letting the system flag the spammer as a banned member, which is what caught me off-guard with this topic, regarding the banned usergroup.
  2. Sounds like you're saying that if a spammer is marked by the forum software via the anti-spam tool and that we have it to where the member if moved to the banned membergroup that the software just does an "oops, that member wont be banned but that we also wont tell you about it"? I seem to remember that when the anti-spam tool was created that admins could set it up so that spammers could be moved to the banned usergroup.
  3. @Gabriel Torres, that sounds like it's a feature left out of the software. I would mention it to IPS Staff. When someone reaches a number of infractions, depending on how you have infractions set up, if the user is banned, that user should be moved. But, it sounds like the system isn't moving your banned members to that usergroup. I think this might very well be an oversight by the development team.
  4. I'm hoping that @Rikki makes it available then, because I like it. Release the theme. I'd even purchase it for my community.
  5. I noticed that the new navigation menu that IPS uses, and I assume that it's for IPS 4.1.9, doesn't feature the annoying mouse-over menu (which has become an increased annoyance for my community). I recently upgraded to IPS 4.1.9 but my upgrade is still using the same "mouse-over" navigation menu from 4.1.8. I'm wondering if this was included with the IPB 4.1.9 upgrade or if it's customized just for the IPS support forums.
  6. I don't see the problem. If your user has been banned, they should be automatically moved to the "banned" usergroup. This is how I have my community set up. If this isn't happening with your community, I would suggest either manually moving that banned member into the banned usergroup or appointing another admin to handle those kinds of things.
  7. Click on "replies" or "comment" that appears under the topic name/topic content. It will take you to the first message of the topic or blog post.
  8. I sort of found it distracting when I came to the support forums looking for some answers to some questions I had and discovered that IPS had moved the resources forums (Marketplace, skinning support, and moved them to where the client peer support forums used to be.
  9. I don't know about the others here, but I preferred the old layout where the client support forums were positioned in the middle of the support forums and now it's located at the bottom of the board index? I'm hoping that IPS puts the client support forums back in the middle of the board index since those forums I was using mostly. Not everyone uses the Marketplace support forums. I'm referring to the "Community Engagement" section, it used to be placed above the "Community Led Resources" forum. IPS should be placing the support forums for IPS above the priority of the resources forums. Thanks.
  10. I find it hilarious when people point to facebook as a community. Facebook is one of those aging dinosaurs that has become a problem for itself than it cares to admit, violating the privacy of its users in order to profit from personal information of its users. They've turned into their own worse problem, which is why I don't trust facebook with my information. Forum-based software applications like IPS, vBulletin and phpBB will continue to grow and adapt. But, I'm worried about IPS because of all of the bloatware that has been added to the software platform since its early origins. The IPS CS has become the Microsoft Windows of forum software applications. Everytime there is a new thing created for websites, I'm always seeing member here calling for IPS to "add this", "add that", "this is a great idea, add this" and so on. Just because someone has created a new feature for web applications doesn't mean that it should be added into the IPS CS. IPS needs to go back to basics and remove a lot of bloatware that currently exists within IPS. With each new version that's released, the software seems to take longer to load, despite websites having sufficient processing power and bandwidth to run it. Since IPB 1.3(final), I've noticed that the software takes longer and longer to load with each new version. While this wasn't a problem for the IPB 2.x series, it became a serious problem with IPS3 and more of a problem with IPS4. I suspect that IPS5 will highlight this fact even more. I might be ranting a bit here, but if someone develops a new feature for social network sites, it isn't necessary to add that feature into the IPSCS just because someone thinks the feature is cool. When I refer to bloatware, I'm not referring to such addons as Gallery, Blog or whatnot. I'm referring to the smaller whistles that someone thought at one time was a good idea to add to the software. Over time, these "whistles" have increased exponentially and added too much "crap" to the software.
  11. I just don't see a problem with the way the system is currently configured. The topic started should be the only one with the ability to remove people from a personal message conversation. When a conversation is so important that you need to add and remove members, then that is something that is better relegated to a forum topic, not a personal message conversation.
  12. Absolutely NOT! The only members who should have the ability to remove someone from a personal message is the person who started the personal message as well as any staff member. NEVER, EVER should a regular member have the ability to remove other members from a PM conversation. That would become a system ripe for abuse and I would never recommend anyone place those kind of permissions in the hands of regular members. I don't know if I'm alone in this thinking but this is akin to allowing regular members to ban other members and delete topics. I do not advise anyone to do this. Reason being is that eventually you'll get disgruntled members or even members who just register for an account only to disrupt your community. Always err on the side of caution.
  13. I think I know what @Colonel_mortis is talking about but I don't see as big a problem with this as he does. Someone, a guest, will try and trigger something by either attempting to log into an administrator's account or trying to create content as a guest. Since I don't allow guest posting, the IPS software triggers an alert, sends me an email that a user has triggered an error, and logs their IP address and what they tried to do (along with the user account if they are trying to gain access). This information is only passed along to the email address associated with administrator/owner of the site. I've opted just to start banning IP addresses if someone tries to gain access to an administrator's account. I hate to be the one to foreshadow bad events, but this is exactly what I warned IPS that would happen when they removed the ability to create usernames and display names. I don't want to stir up any trouble here but now that Colonel_mortis has reminded me of those error emails I keep getting from guests trying to gain access to my admin account, they've deliberately left anyone who uses the IPS software vulnerable to hackers. Before, with IPS 3.x, a user could register for an account and set a display name that's different from their login username. With IPS 4.x, IPS has made the system far too easy for any hacker to access your admin account. What am I talking about? With IPS 3, someone would need your login ID and your password in order to gain access to your account. With IPS 4, IPS has done half of the work for the hackers by displaying your account username and all they need to do is guess your password. I have a secondary administrators account on my site and I would say that in the past month since I upgraded from IPS 3 to IPS4, there have been dozens of attempts to hack that admin account. I think IPS needs to seriously consider improving account security with the IPS software by bringing back the username/display name feature.
  14. I have to admit that I find myself agreeing with @Charles on this point. Unfortunately, this isn't something that is IPS' problem. Either you have to properly configure your server or servers or you need to contact your webhost regarding this problem. If your backend IP address is being leaked, then that is something that is coming from your server/webhost, not from the IPS software. The only way I could see if this was something on IPS' end is if you were hosting your site through IPS' cloud services. What I would suggest is that you look into security services provided by your webhost. There are services such as SiteLock that provide such services to websites.
  15. @Morrigan, yeppers. It's because they are new site owners and they are impatient. Hell, it took me many years to build up my community. If you're not prepared to invest years of your time into your site from the minute you start it, then these new site owners need to find something else to occupy their time. It took me a long time to build up my members and I would estimate it took me about three to four years before I started seeing any activity. Eventually, I started getting members who have contacts within the anime industry (anime directors, producers, even anime voice actors 'seiyuu'). I even have such members are work in the anime industry here in North America, as voice actors. If you don't have patience to build your site up as well as the many years it takes to generate your community, then those new site members should think of something else to invest their time in.