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  1. I'll be updating my guide by tomorrow, just give me time to reconstruct it. During the upgrade to IPS 4, my guide was deleted. I'll definitely be redoing my guide with plugins that are updated for the current version of the IPS Community Suite.
  2. Let me be the first person to thank you for that bit of information, Charles. That will come as relief to those of us who prefer using the default and very internal bulk mail system. When I made the leap to IPS Community Suite 4, something I was forced to do because of security issues with IPS 3.4.6, I didn't end up upgrading until after the 4.1.x series was released. Then, I noticed the change in the bulk mail system and I was under the impression that Sparkpost was the new default. I didn't notice the lack of the bulk mail system queue until I ran into difficulties with my webhost provider, something that I try very hard to avoid. It will be nice to see the queue system returned to the IPS bulk mail service. I prefer IPS' system for bulk mail rather than these third party systems. Those services are great if you have 100,000+ users with your community. Far as 'cycles' go, as liquidfractal asked, they refer to how many emails sent per hour.
  3. Lindy, thanks for the suggestion. I received a temporary solution to the problem behind the bulk mails per cycle issue. I'm hoping that bulk mail option for the default mail tool will be returned but that Marc Stridgen responded to a request I made. define( 'BULK_MAILS_PER_CYCLE', 100 ); Simply adding that line to the constants.php file would solve the bulk mail send restriction for the default internal bulk mail system tool. He said that you could adjust the number of the bulk mails per cycle to whatever number you needed. I'm hoping that the option to change how many emails are sent will be restored to the bulk mail system tool with upcoming releases. That way, administrators wouldn't have to worry about editing the root file on their server.
  4. Good grief. I received an email from Sparkpost that appears to be the same response they sent IPS regarding their account. That their automated service flags spammers and that my account was terminated accidentally and that they restored my account. But, I'm still not comfortable with a service that randomly terminates their customers with an automated service. I would expect that such services would have safeguards built in to stop this kind of action from happening.
  5. OpenType seems to be under a misconception. The default bulk mail tool seems to be Sparkpost. Looking at the bulkmail options, everything seems designed to force you to use Sparkpost. The problem I ran into when I opted to switch to the IPS bulk mail tool? It ended up forcing my webhost provider to actually ban the IP address they assigned to my website/account. OpenType is talking about something he doesn't even know about. Sorry, but this isn't meant as an insult but to illustrate the problem. When I used the internal IPS bulk mail tool (NOT Sparkpost or Mandrill), the system sent all 1,200 mail messages at one shot. It caused a resource conflict with my webhost provider and my webhost ended up banning my website's IP address they assigned to me. Before you try to say something in conflict with what I just posted, my IP address was temporarily banned because they is no bulk mail limiter included in the bulk mail system since IPS 4 was released. Prior to IPS4, when you used the bulk mail tool, IPS allowed you to set the range on how many mail messages to send per hour. The system would always recommended between 15-20 so you wouldn't hog the resources of your hosting provider. However, this bulk mail limit option was removed (for some odd reason) when they made the move to Sparkpost because they probably saw the internal bulk mail system to be a useless feature that was replaced by Sparkpost. What those of us are saying is that we want the bulk mail limit option returned to the IPS bulk mail system (third party services only send out 15-20 messages per hour when you're configured for their services) but this feature IPS left out of its own feature. It's definitely not a good thing when using the IPS suite and your own hosting provider bans your IP address for your website. IPS is now considering a new third party service but that isn't going to solve the current problem with the bulk mail tool. I don't know what it's referred to as, but I call the option the "IPS bulk mail limiter" because I don't know what everyone called it. I do know that it was originally removed by IPS when the switch to Sparkpost was made but I don't think IPS realized what kind of problems removing that option/limiter would create when it was removed.
  6. TOM, obviously, IPS is receiving a lot of complaints over Sparkpost but while I think that third party bulk mail services need to be included with IPS, they also need to enhance or modify the internal bulk mail system in the IPS suite so that administrators can set how many messages can be mailed out per hour. This used to be an option before Sparkpost corrupted the IPS bulk mail system. What's also highlighted is that IPS has also ran into the problem of their own account being terminated with no followup from Sparkpost with the account-holder to fix the problem. The non-existant customer service with Sparkpost seems to be quite clear, form what Lindy has posted. What I think should happen is that IPS return the bulk mail system default to the internal IPS bulk mail system and then allow administrators to switch to a third party system if they wish to enable it. Defaulting the bulk mail service to Sparkpost was a bad move to begin with but I'm kind of shocked that it hasn't been dealt with before now. I just prefer to use the IPS default bulk mail system and that I don't want to mess around with worrying about a third party system that terminates your account on the first minor transgression. I fired off an email to Sparkpost about this problem that if Sparkpost is terminating accounts who use their bulk mail service just to drive up 'new premium account' acquisitions doesn't exactly inspire confidence in their company. After my experience with Sparkpost, I wouldn't recommend their service, even if someone paid me to. Mandrill is just as bad, allowing even fewer mail messages to be sent out. I pretty much preferred IPS' bulk mail system and never used a third party system until it was forced upon us. The fact that when I used the internal bulk mail IPS system which resulted in my website IP address being blacklisted temporarily wasn't exactly a good thing either. When IPS was overhauling the bulk mail system tool, they forgot to include that 'bulk mail limiter' back into the system. The way it currently works, if you use the default IPS mail system tool, the system sends all mail messages in one batch, there is no option, currently, to limit how many messages get sent out per hour. I always had it set at 20 mail messages per month, to avoid any abuse of the system resources at my webhost. I've never ran into that problem until the switchover to IPS 4.x when that limiter was removed. I'm referring to the feature as a limiter or message "filter" because I'm not sure how IPS refers to that mail message filter option. Most IPS license holders know what I'm talking about, I believe.
  7. liquidfractal, that's all that I'm asking for. Just for the "bulk mail limiter" to be returned to the original internal bulk mail system. I've never been comfortable with Mandrill nor Sparkpost and they have been a disaster for me in trying to set up those services. I'm just not all that comfortable with external bulk mail services like Sparkpost.
  8. Thanks, Lindy. I thought maybe I was the only one. But, if I may suggest? Could IPS modify the default internal IPS bulk mail system so that administrators could dictate how many mail messages to send per hour? When Sparkpost failed on me (multiple times over two months, before I just found out that my account was terminated), I tried using the option "Do Not Use SparkPost", and the option defaults to the internal bulk mail system. However, what I discovered was that using that option sends all bulkmail messages all in one shot, overloading the resources of your webhost, which resulted in the IP address for my website becoming blacklisted by my webhost for about two hours. Let's just say I panicked and my webhost ended up removing the blacklisted IP address. I know that before IPS switched us to Sparkpost, there used to be an option where we could select how many mail messages could be sent in an hour (which I always had it selected the system to send 15-20 per hour). However, for some reason, IPS removed that option for IPS4. It would be preferable if the "number of mail messages sent per hour" restriction could be placed back into the bulk mail system. Even is Sparkpost fixes this problem, I'm sure that their system would keep flagging my Sparkpost account and it's a headache I don't need. But, it's a relief to know that IPS has been receiving complaints over Sparkpost and that IPS has also been on the receiving end of these account terminations.
  9. Forgive the topic title (and ignore my current membergroup, I just renewed my license) but Sparkpost has turned into an unmitigated disaster for me. It took me about a month to figure out how to configure the service for my site and it worked fine for about six months. Then, all of a sudden, Sparkpost terminated my account for violating their service. The thing is, they never sent me an email indicating what I did to violate their service nor that my account was terminated. It was simply terminated with no warning and no message from their service that my account was terminated. What I should mention is that I send out bulk mail messages once per month and I have about 1,100 messages that go out every month. Then, I tried to set up the bulk mail without using Sparkpost or Mandrill and guess what? My webhost blacklisted my IP address for two hours because the internal bulk mail service sends out emails in one massive lot. Whatever happened to the default IPS bulk mail system sending messages where you could select how many bulk mail messages to send out per every hour? I know that this used to be a feature of that system. Where it stands now, I have no method of sending any bulk mail messages to any of my members because there is no filter, even for the default forum bulk mail system. I'm not willing to switch to Mandrill because their system is even smaller than Sparkpost. I'm kind of stuck at this point and have no solution. I'm hoping that someone or even IPS has a proper solution to this mess.
  10. I've always used the banned member usergroups to deal with forum trolls, spammers and abusers of my forum community. When IPS first introduced the anti-spam feature, I seem to recall something about letting the system flag the spammer as a banned member, which is what caught me off-guard with this topic, regarding the banned usergroup.
  11. Sounds like you're saying that if a spammer is marked by the forum software via the anti-spam tool and that we have it to where the member if moved to the banned membergroup that the software just does an "oops, that member wont be banned but that we also wont tell you about it"? I seem to remember that when the anti-spam tool was created that admins could set it up so that spammers could be moved to the banned usergroup.
  12. @Gabriel Torres, that sounds like it's a feature left out of the software. I would mention it to IPS Staff. When someone reaches a number of infractions, depending on how you have infractions set up, if the user is banned, that user should be moved. But, it sounds like the system isn't moving your banned members to that usergroup. I think this might very well be an oversight by the development team.
  13. I'm hoping that @Rikki makes it available then, because I like it. Release the theme. I'd even purchase it for my community.
  14. I noticed that the new navigation menu that IPS uses, and I assume that it's for IPS 4.1.9, doesn't feature the annoying mouse-over menu (which has become an increased annoyance for my community). I recently upgraded to IPS 4.1.9 but my upgrade is still using the same "mouse-over" navigation menu from 4.1.8. I'm wondering if this was included with the IPB 4.1.9 upgrade or if it's customized just for the IPS support forums.
  15. I don't see the problem. If your user has been banned, they should be automatically moved to the "banned" usergroup. This is how I have my community set up. If this isn't happening with your community, I would suggest either manually moving that banned member into the banned usergroup or appointing another admin to handle those kinds of things.