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  1. Is there a way I can view all badge images that are included by default?
  2. Where can I see all the default images that come with the mod? Thanks
  3. Thanks
  4. Which page(s) does this appear on?
  5. Hi, do you have an idea when you can take a look at this?
  6. My previous message may not have made much sense. What I was trying to say is this... Before installing this mod, users are sent to the login page after clicking the email activation link, right? After installing this mod, users are sent to the specific page which I designated, without being logged in. Can this mod be updated so the user is redirected to the designated page AFTER having to log in first?
  7. I'm not so much worried about the message - Moreso the fact that the user is directed to this page first, without being logged in already. Any suggestion on how to streamline this user experience?
  8. This is great! An awesome way to help guide new members. I have installed and tested with a new account signup. So it works, delivering the user to the specific forum topic I have configured through the setting. The only question I have, is the user is not auto-logged in...but receives a message at the top that says "Thanks for joining. Redirecting you to the consent form." What consent form? I find that confusing, as the user doesn't receive any message that says they need to log in first. Thanks,
  9. Whoops! Didn't see that. thanks!
  10. Where does this button appear and what does it look like? I looked at the preview screenshots in hopes of seeing this, but couldn't find.
  11. Is there a way to change the default setting for all?
  12. From the ACP (or from the design of the hook) does it allow me to have this as "YES" by default? Or does each have to 'opt-in' for this setting?
  13. That's a great way of using your imagination. Wow wish I thought of that. Turns out I have begun using mailchimp. But thanks for the ideas....I will certainly keep them in mind for the future!
  14. A recommendation from many internet marketers is for allowing guests to subscribe to newsletters, as a way of building larger email lists. Makes lots of sense.....and you see it all over the net. But it seems like this increasingly important capability is missing from IP.Board. Say a guest comes to my forum, doesn't want to become a member but is interested in entering their email. I should be able to collect guest emails, and use the Bulk Mail tool to send them newsletters as well. Doesn't sound too complicated...simply provide a template form (example below) and auto-store those collected emails into a "Guest Emails" member group....Then allow the bulk mail to send to those in this group as well. Would LOVE this!!!
  15. How can I prevent members from certain groups, such as my unsubscribed group, from receiving these anniversary emails? I have someone in my unsubscribed group who complained about still receiving this message. Thanks,